Hot Dogs And Planes

Hot Dogs And Planes

Hot dogs and planes! Summer is​ a​ good time for both of​ them. Why not try taking your dog flying with you​ if​ you​ haven’t already?

I’m not talking commercial airlines here,​ this is​ general aviation. Little private planes owned by little private people who fly out of​ little private airports (or dirt strips as​ the​ case may be).

There are probably lots of​ people reading this who have put their dog in​ a​ crate and watched it​ vanish off into the​ cargo hold of​ the​ commercial jet for a​ trip and wondered if​ that animal would have disintegrated into a​ nervous puddle of​ goo by the​ time the​ plane landed at​ the​ destination…this is​ a​ completely different situation. We’re talking a​ chance to​ get out of​ the​ house and have some fun with your pet!!!

Think of​ it​ as​ an​ opportunity to​ spend more quality time with your hairy (or scaly or​ slimy) friend. in​ addition to​ dogs I will also include all other “pet” animals that could comfortably fit in​ a​ small plane – cats,​ ferrets,​ guinea pigs,​ pot bellied pigs,​ ant farms,​ bullfrogs,​ you​ name it!

That said,​ a​ good plan when considering bringing your buddy along for his first flight is​ to​ keep in​ mind how your pet reacts to​ riding in​ the​ car. if​ he is​ “gung-ho” about it,​ there’s a​ pretty good chance that he’ll enjoy the​ plane as​ well.

If the​ instant he rounds the​ corner and sees the​ car he barfs,​ this probably isn’t going to​ be an​ enjoyable time for either one of​ you​ and perhaps you​ should reconsider.

However,​ if​ you​ are stuck between a​ rock and a​ hard place and your projectile-vomiting pet absolutely HAS to​ fly with you​ there is​ a​ product out there that works beautifully called Sic Sacs. Intended for humans,​ the​ developers probably wouldn’t mind if​ you​ used them for a​ different species. (Assistant in​ full-body rubber suit to​ sit in​ back seat with pet and hold bag is​ highly recommended if​ you​ choose this option).

An important consideration when flying with an​ animal is​ hearing protection. you​ have it,​ so why shouldn’t they? Their hearing is​ even more sensitive than yours.

Mutt Muffs! What,​ you​ say? a​ company called Safe and Sound Pets makes aviation headsets for dogs,​ which they call Mutt Muffs. the​ research and development behind this product is​ extensive and it​ is​ definitely worth looking into if​ you​ plan on​ taking your pooch on​ flights with you. They even engineered them to​ fit a​ dog’s head with special straps!

There’s no reason why your pet should have to​ suffer from noise when there is​ a​ product out there that you​ can train him to​ wear that will protect his hearing. With all different sizes (yes,​ there’s one that will fit a​ cat) there’s no excuse not to​ give this a​ try!

How to​ fly with your pet: you​ can start out slowly by just taking the​ pet to​ the​ airport with you. That’s all. Let them get used to​ the​ sights and sounds.

Then your next trip you​ can put your pet into the​ plane,​ but don’t take off yet – let the​ animal sit in​ the​ plane and get used to​ it. if​ you​ will be using a​ harness to​ secure them now is​ a​ good time to​ calmly give it​ a​ try. Nonchalance and acting like you​ have all the​ time in​ the​ world is​ crucial here if​ you​ have a​ skeptical pet.

A couple of​ dry runs like this are ideal as​ they allow the​ pet to​ acclimate themselves to​ the​ new situation on​ their own terms.

Eventually you​ can start up the​ plane and see how things go in​ the​ backseat. if​ you​ are happy with what is​ going on​ then keep the​ “baby-step” format going until you​ are 100% sure that your pet is​ comfortable in​ the​ plane. Practice taxiing.

Then,​ finally,​ you​ can take off. as​ you​ can see,​ this is​ not an​ impulsive “Oooh it’s Saturday,​ let’s go flying for the​ first time today” type of​ deal. you​ MUST consider the​ pet’s well-being,​ or​ you​ might end up paying a​ doggie psychotherapist a​ lot of​ money somewhere down the​ road. This is​ avoidable. Take your time. Plus,​ anyone who is​ a​ dog psychotherapist needs to​ be seriously questioned as​ to​ their sanity anyway.

Things to​ bring with you​ on​ that first fateful flight:

1. Yourself
2. Helper
3. Pet
4. Safety harness for pet to​ sit in​ back seat if​ pet is​ large enough
5. Food & water for everybody
6. Hearing protection
7. a​ sense of​ humor
8. Windex to​ clean nose prints off the​ window

Take advantage of​ summertime and spend some quality time with your pet – it​ may take a​ little bit of​ getting used to​ for both of​ you,​ but in​ the​ long run it​ will be well worth the​ effort,​ and it​ will ensure that you​ can spend more time together and less time feeling guilty for neglecting them at​ home whole you​ go out and have all the​ fun!

So,​ there you​ were…not thinking about bringing your pet with you​ in​ the​ plane. you​ were worried that he might chew through his crate while you​ were out flying,​ but now you​ have a​ wonderful opportunity to​ spend more time with him. Carpe diem!

Looking for more information on​ private planes and dogs? Have you​ ever heard about the​ rescue group of​ volunteer pilots who fly animals in​ need to​ wherever their new home is​ going to​ be? They are looking for volunteers,​ so if​ you’re interested in​ donating your time and flying expertise to​ help animals you​ can check it​ out. the​ internet is​ a​ great place to​ start your research. the​ organization is​ called Flying Paws,​ and after having taught your own animal to​ ride happily with you​ it​ should be a​ piece of​ cake!

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