Hostgator Host Providing Webhosting Services

Hostgator Host Providing Webhosting Services

If you are looking for​ shared hosting or​ reseller hosting, you might want to​ trek over to​ Hostgator specializes in​ web hosting facilities, and​ as​ far as​ I can see, they are doing a​ good job. They have recently picked up the​ Editors' Choice Award by I think they deserved it. is​ both reliable and​ fast -- essential qualities for​ any web business. They work on Dual Xeon servers with 4GB memory and​ IDE hard drives. Moreover, with their claim of​ 99.9 percent uptime, they provide great hosting packages. at​ the​ same time, they are quite affordable.

The basic shared hosting package is​ offered at​ a​ monthly rate of​ $6.95. Yearly rates for​ the​ more advanced packages start from $9.95. You might be thinking that this is​ slightly higher than the​ rates offered by other web hosting providers. in​ my opinion, it​ is​ well worth the​ money. Moreover, each of​ the​ packages comes with a​ thirty day money back guarantee. So just wait and​ see for​ a​ while before you pronounce your final verdict. My guess is​ that you will want to​ stay with Hostgator for​ some time.

There are several other plusses to​ using Hostgator. for​ one, you get instant backups for​ your website. Moreover, you can host unlimited domains, sub-domains and​ FTP accounts. the​ most basic shared hosting package comes with limits though. it​ allows one domain and​ twenty sub-domains. of​ course, you could always shift to​ a​ better package once you start expanding your website. and​ with as​ many as​ fifty-two scripts, this is​ a​ great web host.

In general, most users are satisfied with the​ Control Panel offered by Hostgator. in​ fact, their CPanel is​ pegged as​ being one of​ the​ best in​ the​ web hosting world. it​ adds to​ the​ convenience of​ managing your domains and​ sub-domains. the​ Control Panel demo helps new users get used to​ the​ various facilities offered by Hostgator.

In my opinion, one of​ Hostgator's greatest virtues is​ that it​ offers great customer service. Most of​ the​ packages offer instant set up at​ no extra charge. There is​ twenty-four hour customer support. You can decide whether you want to​ interact with their customer care representatives over live chat or​ the​ phone. You could also make use of​ the​ email ticket system. I have found that their customer care execs are often more than ready to​ go out of​ their way to​ help you out. Yes, there are the​ occasional goof-ups. On the​ whole, however, seems to​ be satisfying its customers.

Hostgator Host Providing Webhosting Services

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