Horse Racing Tips Lay Favourites And Profit Every Day

Horse Racing Tips Lay Favourites And Profit Every Day

Horse Racing Tips, Lay.

For all of​ you that are reading this that do not know what “Laying” is, it​ is​ simply YOU predicting 1 horse in​ any race that will NOT win that race. in​ effect YOU become a​ bookmaker and take bets from people who had horse racing tips that the horse WILL win.

I do not know if​ you have your own system or​ you use horse racing tips from a​ tipster, but this a​ very simple horse racing system anybody can use.

It is​ not complicated at​ all and it​ is​ simply pressing 1 button on Betfair exactly the same as​ you would if​ placing a​ win single bet {Pink lay button instead of​ the blue win button}

Some people will tell you that laying horses even from horse racing tips given by professional tipsters is​ a​ sure fire way to​ end up in​ the “poor house” and they would be dead right if​ you don’t do it​ properly and this goes for ANY bet you have, not just laying…. So it​ applies to​ THEIR horse racing tips too!

Say for example we have a​ 12 runner horse race and you wanted to​ bet 1 of​ these to​ win that race, you will then have ALL the other 11 horses running AGAINST you and are trying to​ stop your 1 selection from winning.

Now on the other hand we have a​ 12 runner horse race and we pick 1 horse to​ LOSE {lay} we now have ALL the other 11 horses running FOR US and if​ any of​ those 11 horses win that race WE WIN, surely easier than backing horse racing tips from professional tipsters!!

Some tipsters give this kind of​ horse racing tips and I can assure that if​ done properly it​ can make you quite a​ lot of​ money!

So the odds are WITH you and not AGAINST you when laying.

The only problem with laying horses to​ lose is​ with YOU and the way you select them. You would imagine that “Laying” the outsider in​ all races would certainly stand you in​ good stead as​ the majority of​ them lose and you would win the majority of​ the time BUT unfortunately if​ you take that course you WILL come unstuck at​ some point and you WOULD wipe out any previous profits plus more from your original betting banks, as​ they do win now and again... no matter which horse racing tips you use.

Lets just imagine that the outsider in​ every race was 33/1 and you wanted just £10 profit per race, to​ win that £10 you would have a​ liability of​ £330, meaning that if​ that horse were to​ win YOU would LOSE £330, just not worth the risk!! You would only need a​ few bad horse racing tips per week to​ wipe you out.

So if​ laying the “Worst” horse in​ any given race is​ no good, then which horse SHOULD you lay?

Good question, which most of​ the people out there don’t know the answer for but today YOU are going to​ find out the EXACT method that generates me and the subscribers of​ my well known “Sure2Profit Membership” ( ) over £80,000 of​ tax free profits per year!

Lay horse racing tips, the “Favourite”

Some of​ you probably think that I am a​ bit mad at​ this point, why would I lay the best horse in​ every race... what kind of​ horse racing tips are these??

Well, simply put the BEST horse in​ any race may NOT really be the best horse! The favourite in​ ANY race is​ only the favourite because WE make it​ the favourite by placing lots of​ money on it​ due to​ the same old horse racing tips being passed around, it’s as​ simple as​ that.

So if​ 1,000 people who DON’T use the right horse racing tips place £1000 each on the same horse then it​ could become the favourite even though its last run was down on Blackpool pleasure beach!

What we are going to​ do is​ to​ find “false” favourites, favourites that because of​ one reason or​ another shouldn’t really be shown on the major horse racing tips websites as​ set to​ win. .

Statistics show that favourite win their races just 30% of​ the time, some races are GOOD for favourite and some races are BAD for favourites.

Would you bet a​ 6/4 favourite in​ an​ 18 runner handicap race? I certainly would not BUT I would lay it, with the other 17 runners ALL running for me.... these are common sense horse racing tips!

Your liabilities are also good with you only risking £15 if​ the odds were 6/4 {2.5 on Betfair} to​ win £10, I’m sure you would agree that this is​ a​ lot better than the example above where you risk a​ LOT more for the same reward.

You may now see why “Laying” can be quite safe and how to​ profit from my horse racing tips.

Horse Racing Tips Selections

This part really is​ very simple and it​ will not take you long to​ find quite a​ few “False Favourites”.
Just follow my horse racing tips over the page.

1: Armed with either your daily newspaper or​ at​ the racing post website {Or Both} simply select the races with the most number of​ runners in​ them.

2: Ideally, you should look for handicap races which have 16 runners or​ more, these are were tipster’s horse racing tips seem to​ get it​ wrong the most.

3: if​ you can find any, Apprentice races and women jockey races are very good for laying the favourite.

4: Once you have these marked off, simply go through them and pick all the “Handicap” races. These are the races that are best to​ concentrate on.

5: Pick out any handicap races that have odds for the favourite quoted as​ no more than 7/4.

6: The above horses would be DEFINATE bets, don’t worry if​ there aren’t any on certain days, simply go to​ any race that has 16 runners or​ more.

7: Some days you may find that there are no 16 runner or​ above races, if​ this happens simply look for 14 runners etc.

8: When you have all the corresponding races, just go to​ and check out the odds there for your selections.

9: if​ the odds are 2.8 and lower, then these are DEFINATE bets.

10: Do NOT lay selections that are below 1.9 on betfair, although a​ fair few of​ these lose, a​ fair few of​ them win as​ well and that we DON’T want.

When sticking to​ the above horse racing tips you will have great success when laying horses, when also using a​ sensible staking plan BUT if​ you add the following few rules to​ the above then you will achieve even more success.

So here is​ my personal horse racing tips:

1: After making your selections, either at​ the racing post website or​ any daily newspaper, just check to​ see if​ your horse is​ a​ “Course & Distance” winner {Shown as​ CD NEXT to​ THE HORSE}. if​ it​ is​ then DON’T lay it.

2: is​ your selection carrying any more or​ less weight than it​ did in​ its last race? if​ it​ is​ carrying more weight then LAY it, if​ it​ is​ carrying less weight then do NOT lay it… these one of​ my key horse racing tips for you to​ apply this system at​ its best.

4: is​ your selection stepping up or​ stepping down in​ trip? if​ so then you SHOULD consider laying it.

5: Has your selection either a​ lady or​ apprentice jockey riding it? if​ so then LAY it​ because they DO make errors of​ judgment (Also part of​ my key horse racing tips!).

Apart from the above to​ make this work you will also need a​ sensible staking plan, one that will keep your money relatively safe and make your whole betting experience an​ enjoyable one, my horse racing tips will not work without the right plan!

This, or​ any other horse racing tips for that matter, would be not making you money unless you use the right staking plan...

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