Horde Leveling Guides

Horde Leveling Guides

Horde Leveling Guides
Like many, I​ have been frustrated trying to​ level up my new characters on World of​ Worldcraft .​
Personally, I​ prefer playing Horde characters - Alliance is​ just too pretty for me personally .​
That aside, we still need to​ level our Horde characters up to​ take down those nasty alliance folks - and that can be a​ very frustrating endeavour.
Leveling from 1-70 can take weeks of​ playing time if​ you do not know how to​ efficiently level .​
Trust me, I​ was one that didn't know how to​ level fast .​
So, I​ set out with a​ goal .​
To start a​ new character and see if​ I​ can improve on my previous times .​
Being inexperienced in​ leveling (since it'd been years since I​ leveled a​ new character) I​ set out to​ find the best guides to​ help someone like me, and hopefully you.
I started out with some of​ the user-submitted guides on ign, gamefaqs and other similar sites .​
While some were somewhat useful, they lacked detail .​
Most are walkthrus you are used to​ seeing for console games - text and not much else.
I then stumbled onto Joana's horde leveling guide .​
Weary of​ buying ebooks, I​ decided to​ skip the promotional text and look into the guide at​ other sources .​
Feedback on sales were 100% positive on ebay and reviews from independent sources were all excellent as​ well .​
So, I​ decided I​ would give it​ a​ try.
Blizzard already charges $15 a​ month for my account, so buying anything else for the game was not all that exciting to​ me, especially at​ the cost of​ slightly over 2 months.
However, I​ figured if​ it​ saved me hours and possibly -days- of​ leveling and mindless grinding then it​ would be worth it.
I purchased the guide on January 15th .​
About a​ month later I​ was 70 with about 9.5 days of​ /played .​
Cutting my previous time by a​ huge margin .​
The guide comes with detailed number by number quests to​ do for every level .​
It also provides maps next to​ each leveling section with lines drawn to​ show you what path to​ follow .​
I​ now know why they say 'You get what you pay for' and as​ cliche as​ that is​ - it​ seems true in​ this case .​
I​ highly recommend this guide to​ both new and veteran players .​
If you would like to​ learn more about this please come check out our horde leveling guide section.
Thanks and gluck!

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