Hooking Up On The Internet

Hooking Up On The Internet

No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of​ hooking up…this is​ a​ business article, for​ goodness sakes! I’m talking about building mutually beneficial relationships with other online business owners. That’s the​ kind of​ hooking up that will propel your business to​ long-term success.

Many people get online and​ think that the​ more people they meet online, the​ bigger customer base they can get. to​ some degree that is​ true, but in​ this marketing mama’s humble opinion, it’s not where you​ should focus your efforts.

Nearly, four years ago, I started my online business. I was just a​ mom who desperately didn’t want to​ return to​ work after maternity leave. I had NO CLUE what I was doing. None at​ all, but one thing I did do is​ meet people, but I didn’t try to​ make these people my customers.

What, you​ may ask? Didn’t I want to​ get any customers?

Sure I did, but I realized something much more valuable. the​ other online business owners that I met online weren’t necessarily my target market and​ they had something much more valuable to​ offer me than a​ few dollars in​ my pocket from an​ Internet sale. They had knowledge, experience and​ ideas…and I had my own to​ share too. So, this is​ what I did…

I made friends and​ now I run a​ 6-figure per year business.

Yup, good old-fashioned friends with a​ common interest in​ online business. I share my experience and​ knowledge and​ they shared theirs. We discovered where we could collaborate on​ projects and​ build lifetime partnerships together. in​ other

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