Hoodia Review Guide How To Buy The Best Hoodia

Do you want to​ find a​ hoodia product that’s just right for you? Do you want to​ advance past the hype and deal with honest hoodia-selling vendors? How would you know the overnight crook from a​ reputable supplement company that’s selling 100% pure hoodia? Not to​ worry! Now you can get these questions and others answered.

Everyone needs an​ intelligent guide when embarking on exotic distant adventures, searching for a​ long lost ancient treasure, or​ simply wishing to​ order a​ highly popular appetite suppressant that originates from South Africa. The number one problem that today’s weight loss consumers face is​ the saturation of​ a​ market that has countless dishonest vendors that are shamelessly selling counterfeit or​ just inferior hoodia products for a​ fast buck. Follow the majority of​ the buyer’s tips below and you will have a​ far greater chance of​ finding an​ excellent hoodia product.

Buyer’s Tip #1
Only buy from a​ company that provides you with a​ confirmable independent lab analysis certificate. Never consider buying from any vendor that doesn’t openly display a​ certificate of​ analysis on its website. You would be taking a​ fat chance of​ ordering a​ product that might not produce the results you are seeking.

Buyer’s Tip #2
Only buy from a​ company that clearly displays a​ CITES certificate on its website. This certificate is​ required in​ order to​ export hoodia out of​ South Africa—the place on earth where it​ grows naturally. So make sure you locate a​ CITES certificate on the company’s site before deciding to​ order.

Buyer’s Tip #3
Do not buy a​ hoodia product that’s been grown in​ Mexico, Texas, India, China, or​ other countries. You want hoodia that comes from South Africa. Another point worth noting: Buy from South African sources that have been approved by its government to​ operate as​ cultivators.

Buyer’s Tip #4
Check the product’s label to​ see that it’s actually aerial stem. Aerial stem is​ the portion of​ the hoodia plant that’s used by the San population to​ suppress their appetite. Many supplement companies are using inferior parts of​ the hoodia plant like the roots to​ make up the greater volume of​ their diet hoodia pills.

Buyer’s Tip #5
If the hoodia you are thinking of​ purchasing happens to​ be an​ extract, be certain that the product is​ standardized. This simply means that there exists an​ equivalent amount of​ the active p57 molecule in​ each capsule or​ tablet.

Buyer’s Tip #6
Keep in​ mind the fact that there are about 20 species in​ the family of​ hoodia. You want hoodia gordonii which has been successfully tested as​ well as​ proven to​ kill one’s appetite. So, only buy a​ product that lists “hoodia gordonii” on its label.

Buyer’s Tip #7
To play it​ safe consider a​ hoodia product that is​ only 100% natural, ephedra free, and stimulant free.

Buyer’s Tip #8
For best results in​ experiencing appetite suppression, order a​ hoodia product that provides you with 400mg to​ 1000mg per capsule, tablet, or​ per liquid serving. Warning: Do not order a​ weak formulation that also contains other ingredients.

Buyer’s Tip #9
Be a​ smart shopper and only buy 100% pure hoodia gordonii whether in​ a​ capsule, tablet, powder, or​ liquid. You will feel the full power of​ hoodia if​ the product you buy is​ 100% pure.

To read reviews of​ outstanding hoodia products that fulfill the most critical points from above, see box below.

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