Honoring Americas Top Dog

Honoring Americas Top Dog

Anyone who loves dogs knows how much they enrich our lives. Some exceptional dogs not only touch our lives,​ but also help protect us by selflessly performing acts of​ heroism as​ service dogs.

For instance,​ Quanto is​ a​ hard-working search and rescue dog. He specializes in​ two distinct areas: detecting explosives and assisting in​ human search and rescue missions. His finely tuned skills have helped him clear buildings after explosives were detected-but his loving nature has helped him comfort those he's rescued.

Quanto and four of​ his four-legged contemporaries are being honored through the​ PEDIGREE Paws to​ Recognize program. Because of​ their love of​ dogs,​ PEDIGREE created this national initiative that acknowledges the​ exceptional contributions professionally trained service dogs make in​ their communities. the​ Delta Society,​ Guide Dogs for the​ Blind,​ National Association for Search and Rescue,​ U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the​ U.S. War Dogs Association worked with PEDIGREE Food for Dogs and Wal-Mart to​ identify and nominate five astonishing canines for this year's top honor.

People can log on​ to​ www.pedi gree.com/vote to​ view photos and biographies of​ each of​ the​ dogs and then vote on​ which one they think is​ most deserving of​ the​ top dog honor. the​ winner will be celebrated at​ a​ special ceremony in​ September. if​ 100,​000 votes are cast by July 14,​ 2018,​ $25,​000 will be donated to​ the​ American Humane Association. Here's a​ look at​ the​ other four nominees:

• Hero-This Labrador Retriever makes regular visits to​ patients at​ hospitals,​ hospices,​ nursing homes and other health facilities. He's the​ inspiration for "Project Hero,​" a​ program that provides young people living in​ a​ youth detention center with canine companions.

• Rocky-This chocolate Lab serves as​ an​ explosive detector dog at​ the​ Port of​ Los Angeles,​ where he's an​ "employee" of​ U.S. Customs and Border Protection. on​ an​ average day,​ Rocky screens between 5,​000 and 7,​000 international passengers,​ 15,​000 pieces of​ luggage and thousands of​ pieces of​ cargo.

• Xena-This former shelter dog completed a​ rigorous training program and now serves as​ a​ guide dog. She provides her human partner with safe mobility,​ companionship and improved quality of​ life.

• Polo-This German Shepherd recently returned from a​ tour of​ duty in​ Kuwait,​ where he served as​ an​ Explosive Detection/Patrol Dog,​ searching vehicles,​ buildings,​ aircraft,​ barracks and open areas for dangerous and harmful explosive materials.

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