Honest Riches Thank You Rich Jerk Review

Honest Riches/ Thank you​ Rich Jerk Review
Holly Mann is​ an​ army veteran . ​
When she returned home, she wanted to​ make an​ income from home, so that she could simultaneously take care of​ her children . ​
After successfully making websites, she put her experience into one ebook, and​ now sells it​ for​ just twenty dollars! Save your Starbucks money for​ a​ few days, and​ youve just got a​ new ebook! and​ youve improved your health as​ well! ;
Here is​ all the content on the ebook
Chapter 1 Make Cash Now With No StartUp Money
This chapter explains what affiliate programs are and​ a​ method you​ can use to​ promote your products free! On Hollys LiveJournal group for​ ebook owners, one individual shows how he made over $500 through this advertising technique . ​
On the LiveJournal group, you​ can find out how to​ more effectively use this technique . ​

Chapter 2 Profiting From Product Reviews
This chapter is​ one of​ the most loaded and​ most useful ones . ​
it​ contains information such as​ how to​ find your perfect niche, how to​ write product reviews, and​ where to​ submit that review . ​
I ​ loved this chapter, but be aware, you​ will have to​ spend a​ small amount for​ some services . ​
I ​ spent $30 . ​
67 for​ the services, but they were dead useful . ​
They all came with a​ free trial version, which I ​ used to​ experiment . ​
All my expenses have come so far from here, because most of​ your initial work will be here . ​

Chapter 3 Website Design
In this chapter, you​ figure out which website builders to​ use, where to​ find a​ designer, and​ where to​ get turnkey websites premade websites ready to​ use for​ making a​ profit . ​
The only idea I ​ appreciated in​ this section was the blog section . ​
it​ showed me how to​ make a​ blog at​ http//blogger . ​
com, but if​ you​ decide to​ make a​ blog, definitely use WordPress . ​
it​ is​ the best blogging program in​ the World Wide Web . ​
I ​ love it, even this free version . ​
Eventually, you​ have to​ get your site hosted . ​
When you​ decide to​ take that step, my suggestion is​ to​ use http//1and1 . ​
com . ​
I ​ plan on upgrading to​ their cheapest plan . ​
Even though its only $2 . ​
99/month, it​ provides everything you​ need to​ start a​ small site . ​

Chapter 4 Content is​ King Building Your Online Presence
This is​ an​ awesome chapter . ​
it​ shows you​ the last program that made up my $30 . ​
67 . ​
She calls it​ a​ cash goldmine, and​ it​ is . ​
This program helps you​ find key phrases with few competitors and​ many searches on the major search engines . ​
in​ addition, you​ find out how to​ increase your sites search engine ranking for​ free and​ how to​ get free traffic to​ your site . ​
These two things really are free, and​ work well . ​
They dont involve you​ getting spam emails, weird offers, or​ anything like that . ​
Heres a​ hint good writers will love this!
Chapter 5 Profiting Per Click, Per Sale
This chapter tells you​ how to​ use AdSense and​ other programs like it​ to​ get traffic to​ your site . ​
AdSense is​ a​ great tool to​ make cash . ​
What you​ do is​ put ads on your site youve seen them everywhere, they say Sponsored by Goooooogle . ​
When someone clicks on these ads, you​ get money! This chapter also exposes an​ alternative to​ AdSense which can make much more money than AdSense . ​
Once you​ have your site up, this becomes an​ incredibly useful chapter!
Chapter 6 Search Engine Optimization
Heres a​ quote from the ebook The purpose of​ optimizing your website is​ so that search engines can easily search your site, navigate through it​ and​ categorize it . ​
as​ well as​ creating a​ graphically appealing, informative site for​ your visitors, you​ need to​ concentrate on building a​ strong keywordbased theme throughout the site . ​
This is​ essentially what SEO is, and​ Hollys ebook clearly explains how to​ utilize this technique . ​
you​ may find more complex guides and​ programs for​ SEO on the Internet, but these will cost at​ least double of​ Hollys ebook . ​
This is​ a​ very useful chapter, and​ when used with Hollys LiveJournal Forum, can be make your house a​ cash machine!
Chapter 7 Tricks to​ Get Your Website a​ Higher Ranking
Chapter 8 Website Statistics & Tracking
This chapter shows you​ the best website staticstics program to​ use . ​
it​ provides precise, detailed information about each site visitor, where the person is​ from, how long the person stays on each page, entry pages, exit pages, key words used to​ reach your website, referrals, etc . ​
so you​ know exactly what advertising techniques are working for​ you​ and​ what you​ should improve on . ​
quoted from Hollys ebook . ​
Its of​ no use until you​ have your site up, but right now I ​ find the Blog Stats that WordPress provides enough . ​
Remember http//1and1 . ​
com? if​ you​ just get the $5/month hosting service, you​ get a​ multitude of​ tools not available in​ the $3/month service . ​
One of​ those tools is​ a​ detailed website statistics and​ tracking program! So you​ can host your site and​ get the tools too!
Chapter 9 The Money is​ in​ The List
You might have seen this chapters tactics in​ use before . ​
Have you​ ever signed up for​ a​ free newsletter or​ ezine? This chapter tells you​ how to​ be on the giving end of​ the newsletter/ezine . ​
you​ cant utilize this chapters ideas with a​ free blog, which dissapointed me . ​
I ​ hope to​ expand to​ a​ hosted blog, which has many more capabilities . ​
But imagine the power of​ this tool . ​
Lets say you​ have 1000 people on your list . ​
you​ have a​ new product which costs $50 to​ buy . ​
you​ send out a​ newsletter about this product, and​ 5% of​ the recipients buy your product . ​
Youve just made $2500!
Chapter 10 Advertising Your Website
This was a​ somewhat pitiful chapter . ​
Its not indepth enough to​ be of​ much use, but at​ least it​ gives you​ a​ basic overview of​ how to​ use AdWords to​ your advantage . ​
for​ a​ review on the best and​ most complete guide to​ AdWords, check out my Beating Adwords Review . ​
Trying the payperclick game can be dangerous if​ not done correctly . ​
you​ might just be losing more and​ more on clicks and​ not converting . ​
you​ really need to​ find more resources for​ payperclick . ​

Chapter 11 Power of​ Press Releases
This chapter explains how to​ get traffic after youve done the things in​ the previous chapters . ​
Once you​ have done SEO, and​ designed your site, you​ send out a​ free press release to​ tell the world that Big Gaming Co . ​
is​ out and​ ready for​ business! This is​ a​ useful tool, and​ Holly directs you​ to​ where you​ should go for​ free press releases, and​ paid/preferred ones which get up faster and​ probably have better placement . ​

Chapter 12 Dropshipping & Wholesalers
Holly gives some good resources for​ dropshippers and​ wholesalers . ​
Dropshipping is​ where you​ sell products on the Internet and​ forward the orders to​ the dropship supplier . ​
The dropshipper ships the product to​ your buyer, as​ if​ it​ came from you . ​
quote from ebook . ​
Ive tried out the whole ebay business so I ​ have some experience in​ this . ​
From what Ive heard, most ebayers, and​ the people influenced by PowerSellers dont trust dropshippers very much . ​
I ​ would read up more on this matter before you​ try it​ out . ​

Chapter 13 Ebay Advertising Tricks
Holly shows some nice tricks she uses with ebay to​ generate more traffic . ​
I ​ liked this section, since it​ could be easily utilized if​ youre an​ ebay seller . ​
But hear me out starting an​ ebay business is​ a​ very timeconsuming task! Consider your time restraints before starting an​ eBay business . ​
Read some other books for​ ebay selling this is​ not a​ how to​ sell on eBay section . ​

I hope this gives you​ a​ good overview of​ what to​ expect from Holly Manns ebook . ​
you​ can expect a​ high income with your online business, but only after hard work . ​

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