Home Treatments For Spider Veins

Home Treatments For Spider Veins

Home Treatments for​ Spider Veins
Varicose veins and​ telangiectasia spider veins are the​ visible signs of​ an​ underlying venous insufficiency problem, where venous blood escapes from the​ normal flow of​ blood into an​ already congested leg . ​

Spider Veins are a​ mild form of​ venous insufficiency, which are cosmetically unappealing, but generally not dangerous or​ health threatening . ​

Varicose Veins are a​ more serious form of​ venous insufficiency that can accompany other symptoms, including pain, soreness, burning, aching, throbbing, cramping, muscle fatigue, and​ restless legs . ​
Over time, chronic venous insufficiency can lead to​ skin and​ soft tissue breakdown . ​

Venous insufficiency is​ caused by valves in​ the​ veins that have broken down . ​
These valves prevent blood flow back to​ the​ arteries . ​
if​ their integrity is​ compromiseD, blood can accumulate and​ collect . ​
This condition in​ aggravated in​ people who are sedentary or​ obese and​ likewise aggravated by hormonal imbalances found in​ pregnancy or​ with the​ use of​ HRT and​ chemical birth control . ​

There are several extra steps you​ can take for​ the​ treatment of​ spider veins and​ varicose veins . ​

Nutrition Several changes in​ diet can help with the​ appearance of​ spider and​ varicose veins . ​
There are several herbs, listed below, that will keep blood thin and​ flowing smoothly . ​
Also consider the​ nutrients required to​ keep veins and​ capillaries strong . ​
Increasing your intake of​ monounsaturated and​ saturated fats can help . ​
All cells replace themselves on a​ regular basis, including the​ cells in​ your circulatory system . ​
a​ diet heavy in​ polyunsaturated fats is​ inadequate for​ tissue repair and​ can often excerbate the​ problem with an​ increase of​ free radicals . ​
Your body requires cholesterol and​ saturated fats for​ the​ building of​ strong cell walls . ​
if​ you​ have been eating mostly seed oils, your body is​ not getting the​ right kind of​ fats . ​
Consider switching to​ olive oil for​ salad dressings and​ coconut oil and​ butter for​ cooking . ​
Also, the​ dietary enzyme bromelain can improve overall circulation by reducing the​ build up of​ fibrin along the​ walls of​ the​ blood vessels . ​
it​ is​ very inexpensive, and​ good for​ circulation disorders of​ all kinds . ​

Cleansing When cleaning your skin, use your wash cloth or​ loufah to​ massage the​ area around the​ broken veins first in​ a​ circular motion and​ then in​ a​ brushing motion upwards towards the​ bowels . ​
This will improve circulation . ​

Other Treatments
 Dry Skin Brushing Learn to​ dry brush your skin at​ least once per day . ​
Skin brushing provides several benefits . ​
First of​ all, it’s “exercise” for​ you​ skin and​ the​ underlying veins and​ capillaries . ​
it​ stimulates the​ growth and​ repair of​ the​ tissues by increasing blood flow to​ the​ area . ​
it​ also helps remove the​ blood that has leaked out from the​ capillaries by diffusing it​ into the​ interstitial fluids for​ removal . ​
Dry brushing is​ good for​ you​ skin all over, but if​ you​ are suffering from spider or​ varicose veins, brushing these areas very gently in​ a​ circular motion and​ then upwards towards the​ colon, several times per day, can improve their appearance . ​

 Hormones Spider veins are often associated with the​ use of​ HRT and​ birth control pills . ​
High levels of​ estrogen from these medications seem to​ aggravate venous insufficiency . ​
if​ you​ are using birth control pills for​ contraception, you​ may want to​ ask your doctor for​ a​ lowerestrogen dose formula . ​
if​ you​ are on HRT, you​ may want to​ consider switching to​ a​ lower dose, adding progesterone, or​ using a​ weaker formula, such as​ an​ estrone cream . ​

 Habits Do try to​ elevate your legs to​ hip level for​ a​ few minutes several times a​ day . ​
Frequency is​ more important than the​ amount of​ time in​ this case . ​
Get out of​ the​ habit of​ crossing your legs, knees and​ ankles as​ well . ​
if​ you​ have a​ desk job, try to​ spend a​ few minutes walking every hour . ​
if​ you​ have a​ job that requires standing, try to​ sit and​ elevate your feet to​ hip level once every hour . ​

Many of​ the​ nutrients and​ supplements listed below may be within your budget and​ available to​ add to​ your skin care regimen . ​
Note that some are best used internally like vitamins and​ minerals and​ others are for​ topical application only . ​

Table Natural Internal Treatments for​ Venous Insufficiency
Brewer’s yeast
Broom, Butchers Ruscus aculeatus
Chestnut, Horse Æsculus hippocastanum
Ginkgo Biloba
Gotu Kola Centella asiatica
Grape seed extract
Green Tea
Hawthorn Berry
Horsetails Equisetum arvense
Vitamin A
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

Table Natural External Treatments for​ Venous Insufficiency
Broom, Butchers Ruscus aculeatus
Chestnut, Horse Æsculus hippocastanum
Dead Sea Salts
Ginkgo Biloba
Gotu Kola Centella asiatica
Grape seed extract
Green Tea
Hawthorn Berry
Horsetails Equisetum arvense
Senkyu Cnidii Rhizoma
Vitamin K
White Willow bark
Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana

Painful varicose veins should always be evaluated by your physician as​ they may require surgery . ​
if​ you​ have asymptomatic varicose veins, it’s a​ good idea to​ tell your doctor during your regularly scheduled check up so she can be aware of​ any possible vascular disease or​ disorder . ​

Many new commercial cosmetic procedures are available for​ the​ reduction of​ spider veins and​ varicose veins, however many of​ them are simply not justifiable affordable for​ the​ average person . ​
Even if​ such procedures are used, natural, inexpensive athome treatments can increase the​ success of​ expensive procedures and​ prevent a​ future repeat of​ symptoms . ​

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