Home Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Home Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome is​ a​ common problem with the​ intestines. Doctor will likely to​ start listing a​ bunch of​ medications you can take to​ help control Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), when you visit your doctor to​ talk about it.

However, you may want to​ seek out other therapy options, if​ you don’t feel comfortable taking medication daily. You have the​ control over your Irritable bowel syndrome and​ ultimately make all decisions about what treatment you need.

The great thing is​ that whether you are on medication or​ not, there are several things you can do at​ home to​ help with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

You might want to​ think about hypnosis for​ your IBS symptoms, if​ you are more into alternative medicine and​ other more natural treatments. There are usually three types of​ people when it​ comes to​ hypnosis: those that don’t believe in​ it​ at​ all, those that love it, and​ those that have never tried it.

However, you too might see the​ positive effects it​ can have on your mind and​ body, once you try hypnosis. When it​ comes to​ how hypnosis relates to​ Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the​ answer lies in​ the​ patient’s stress level.

Hypnosis works to​ lessen overall stress and​ when it​ is​ effective in​ doing so, irritable bowel syndrome patients will experience fewer IBS symptoms. Mainly, a​ hypnotist can help get you to​ a​ deep relaxed state where you can learn to​ endorse positive thoughts about your overall health.

There are ways to​ practice this at​ home as​ well. You can learn to​ use self-hypnotherapy while you are on your own at​ home, or​ in​ between hypnosis treatments.

Basically, irritable bowel treatment hypnosis is​ much like a​ deep meditation. You will have less stress and​ will be able to​ cope with IBS much easier, if​ you take the​ time to​ work on your mind as​ well as​ your body.

You probably understand already why people are drawn to​ it, if​ you have ever tried yoga. it​ is​ not only a​ way to​ get in​ shape, but also a​ way to​ unwind and​ clear your mind of​ stress. it​ is​ very effective in​ helping with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The idea of​ yoga deals with the​ body and​ the​ mind, which is​ what an​ IBS sufferer needs to​ focus on. There are many yoga positions that are specifically designed to​ help promote better digestion and​ to​ ease digestive symptoms.

You can do yoga in​ the​ comfort of​ your own home. Get a​ DVD with basic yoga moves on it​ and​ get started right away!


For an​ IBS syndrome sufferer, exercise is​ important for​ a​ variety of​ reasons. First, exercise generally makes your body stronger. it​ is​ usually a​ good idea to​ be on a​ regular exercise program, no matter what disease or​ disorder you might be suffering from.

Exercise boosts the​ immune system, making other diseases and​ disorders less likely to​ occur.

Second, exercise is​ an​ excellent stress-reliever. Some medical practitioners believe that IBS syndrome has psychological roots. This means that IBS syndrome might have its beginnings in​ a​ mental state.

A highly-stressed mind is​ prone to​ mental problems; mental problems lead to​ physical problems. IBS syndrome symptoms have often been observed to​ occur when a​ person is​ under unusual amounts of​ stress.

So it​ has not been proved that stress is​ a​ cause of​ IBS syndrome, but it​ certainly worsens the​ situation. Every effort to​ reduce undue stress must be made. Exercising is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ do this.

Good Sleep Habits

One of​ the​ biggest factors in​ your overall Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment is​ getting enough sleep. Studies show that Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers who don’t get at​ least 8 hours of​ sleep a​ night have a​ higher frequency of​ symptoms.

So this home treatment is​ very inexpensive, but it​ can be difficult when you are on a​ set schedule. Just try to​ get yourself into the​ bed fifteen to​ thirty minutes earlier each night. Before you know it, you will work yourself up to​ getting those 8 hours you need, without feeling like you are missing out on anything.

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