Home Styles In Real Estate Ads The Meaning

Home Styles In Real Estate Ads The Meaning

Home Styles in​ Real Estate Ads – the​ Meaning
Whether you’re buying or​ selling, reading real estate ads can be confusing .​
Here’s a​ primer on the​ styles mentioned in​ the​ ads .​
Home Styles
What’s the​ difference between a​ Tudor and​ Colonial style? What about a​ Colonial and​ Dutch Colonial? Read on to​ find out .​
Colonial, Georgian, or​ Federal style
Terms used when talking about a​ two (could be 3 or​ two and​ one half) story house that is​ very symmetrical .​
The front door is​ in​ the​ center of​ the​ house .​
There are an​ equal number of​ windows on each side .​
There is​ an​ upstairs window over each downstairs window and​ over the​ front door .​
There are usually exterior shutters at​ the​ windows .​
(Note: the​ houses which inspired this very traditional style were built in​ the​ early days of​ our country and​ are seen mostly in​ the​ East.)
Tudor style
A style of​ home that borrows from merry old England .​
It typically has exposed heavy dark beams .​
Some of​ the​ beams are perpendicular, some horizontal, and​ some at​ a​ forty five degree angle .​
The exterior walls are usually stucco between the​ beams .​
The lower story is​ usually of​ brick or​ stone .​
The upper story often has sections that are cantilevered out over the​ lower story .​
Box bay windows and​ diamond shaped panes are frequent features as​ are large chimneys.
Dutch Colonial style
Very much like colonial style except that the​ roof is​ a​ gambrel roof .​
That is, it’s shaped like most folks think of​ a​ barn roof .​
It slopes down from a​ center ridge line and​ then, usually a​ little more than half way to​ the​ edge, the​ angle of​ the​ slope becomes sharper creating a​ second ridge at​ the​ front and​ back where the​ angle changes.
Spanish, Mexican, Hacienda style
Seen mostly in​ the​ South and​ West of​ our country, this style incorporates stucco or​ adobe type bricks and​ red half round roof tiles .​
These homes are often built in​ a​ U shape with the​ walls of​ the​ house extended to​ enclose the​ U .​
This design device can give a​ pleasant feeling of​ privacy to​ outdoor areas .​
Door and​ window openings with curved tops and​ wrought iron grilles, door hinges, and​ handles are frequent features.
When looking at​ homes, you’ll find particular styles appeal to​ you .​
Once you identify the​ styles, you can narrow your search for​ the​ perfect home.

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