Home Remedy Treatments For Head Lice

Home Remedy Treatments For Head Lice

Over the​ past several years there has been some speculation about the​ toxicity of​ “over the​ counter” and​ prescription head lice treatments. Some doctors believe that too much toxin makes it​ into the​ blood stream when using these types of​ treatments; this is​ especially true for​ children, and​ pregnant women. the​ level of​ toxins that could make it​ into the​ blood increases with repeated use, which may be necessary in​ the​ case of​ a​ re-infestation.
Another drawback to​ these “over the​ counter” and​ prescription head lice treatments is​ that the​ lice are becoming resistant to​ the​ pesticides in​ the​ treatments. This often results in​ either the​ treatment not working at​ all, or​ a​ very quick re-infestation.
As a​ result of​ the​ toxins in​ the​ treatments, and​ their increasing inability to​ kill lice, many people have turned to​ home remedies. While healthcare professionals have recommended some of​ these home remedies, others have been used for​ years as​ a​ treatment for​ head lice.

Mayonnaise: Pediatricians often recommend this treatment as​ an​ alternative to​ commercial treatments. Saturate the​ hair with real mayonnaise, and​ cover the​ head with a​ shower cap. Let the​ mayonnaise sit in​ hair for​ at​ least eight hours and​ then wash out. After washing the​ hair, carefully run a​ nit comb through the​ hair to​ remove lice and​ nits. the​ treatment should be repeated every few days for​ about a​ week and​ a​ half.
Listerine: Saturate hair with Listerine and​ place shower cap on head; leaving it​ place for​ at​ least 2 hours. After this, rinse hair and​ comb with metal nit removal comb. All lice should be dead at​ this point. Next you will need to​ saturate the​ hair with white vinegar, and​ again place the​ washed shower cap on the​ hair for​ 1 hour. After 1 hour, you can remove the​ shower cap to​ shampoo and​ condition hair. Again, comb hair with the​ nit removal comb.

Coconut Shampoo & Tea Tree Oil: Use equal amounts of​ tea tree oil and​ shampoo. Lather through hair and​ then use a​ shower cap. Let the​ mixture set on the​ head for​ at​ least two hours before rinsing. Apply a​ coconut conditioner, and​ carefully comb hair with a​ metal nit removal comb. Use this treatment at​ least three times over a​ two-week period, making sure to​ comb through the​ hair each time. Wash all bedding, as​ well as​ coats and​ scarves, and​ soak combs, brushes, and​ other hair items in​ boiling water.

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