Home Remedies For Different Treatments

Home Remedies For Different Treatments

Most people are afraid of​ suffering from infections and​ end up complicating things further because of​ their fear and​ discomfort. Some tend to​ overlook the​ symptoms hoping that a​ miracle will do away with entire ailment. But this is​ not so. It’s true that miracles do take place, but just a​ miracle is​ not an​ answer to​ a​ treatment. Every illness needs to​ be treated so that it​ can be cured completely. This article can help you with different home remedies for​ different treatments.

Home remedies for​ yeast infection

• Regularly daubing apple vinegar in​ the​ areas prone to​ this infection. You can also add some garlic to​ stop the​ itching and​ water to​ dilute the​ vinegar concentration.
• Soak a​ tampon in​ curds and​ place it​ in​ the​ infected region for​ at​ least an​ hour. This could be repeated twice a​ day.
• Drink at​ least two glasses of​ buttermilk everyday, whether infected or​ not buttermilk can do wonders.
• Mixture of​ olive leaf extract with grapefruit seed extraction, a​ glass of​ water is​ a​ good tonic for​ this type of​ infection.

Home Remedies for​ Acne

• Apply cucumber leaves or​ grated pieces to​ affected acne areas.
• You can get rid of​ pimples by rubbing the​ pimple with a​ fresh cut glove of​ garlic.
• Drink 8 to​ 10 glasses of​ water to​ impart a​ healthy glow to​ skin.

Home Remedies for​ Constipation

• Having bale fruit cleaned and​ tones up the​ intestines & gives constipation relief.
• Having guava with seeds provides roughage to​ diet and​ give you relief from constipation
• Add more fruits to​ the​ diet prunes pears, grapes, orange juice and​ papaya.

Natural remedies for​ high blood pressure
• Grind equal amounts of​ melon seeds and​ khus khus into powder. a​ teaspoon early in​ the​ morning and​ late in​ the​ evening is​ effective.
• the​ juice of​ curry leaves mixed with water and​ limejuice has its importance. it​ is​ said that coriander and​ fenugreek leaves also produce the​ same effect and​ as​ they are harmless its worth a​ try.
• Honey, ginger and​ cumin powder is​ and​ excellent remedy for​ high blood pressure.

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