Home Lighting Creating Illusions With Window Treatments

Home Lighting Creating Illusions With Window Treatments

Windows come in​ all sizes, shapes and​ construction. You can create illusions using standard curtains or​ other window dressings available today. Long drapes are more formal, short curtains tend to​ be more casual. You can use different styles to​ add to​ your interior decorating, such as​ country, with wide tidebacks and​ ruffles.

Curtains can help the​ following problems:

1. Small window – extend the​ rod beyond the​ window frame. This will create the​ appearance of​ a​ larger window. More light will filter through the​ opening.

2. Large window - Attach your rod in​ the​ normal position. Try using tiebacks on the​ curtains. Use a​ valance.

3. Short/Tall windows - for​ short windows attach your rod above the​ window frame. Taller windows will appear shorter if​ you use a​ draped valance. it​ will soften the​ window.

4. View – if​ your purpose is​ to​ hide the​ view, match the​ window color to​ your wall covering. it​ will reduce attention to​ the​ window.

Today there are so many choices - Vertical blinds, miniblinds, wood blinds, shades of​ all types. You can keep it​ simple or​ layer the​ materials. Investigate the​ choices before you finish your room. if​ you give this some forethought, you can design your area to​ allow for​ changing window dressings each season.

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