Home Energy Systems

Home Energy Systems

Putting Home Energy Savings on to​ Your System
Using home energy everyday is​ easy .​
But, receiving high electric bills at​ the​ end of​ the​ month may be a​ little hard for​ you .​
Since most homeowners like you, want to​ know how to​ get those electric bill in​ a​ manageable and​ acceptable digits, there are several systems designed to​ particularly answer this .​
Systems that are guaranteed to​ make your electric bills low.
Here are those:
Insulating – the​ best way to​ keep your body warm is​ by wearing not only just thick clothing, but also clothes that will trap the​ body heat inside .​
The same principle goes with keeping your house warn during winter .​
Keeping good and​ tight batt insulation around wall enclosures is​ the​ best thing to​ do this .​
But it​ is​ not always the​ easiest .​
Any gaps at​ any point around the​ wall enclosure will definitely degrade the​ quality of​ the​ insulation installed .​
Gaps mentioned here are electrical boxes, pipes, and​ wires; places where batt insulation can be tricky to​ install even for​ professionals .​
As an​ alternative, you may want to​ use materials such as​ cellulose insulation for​ maximum area coverage .​
The cellulose insulation eliminates gap and​ voids, making your walls 100% insulated .​
But this is​ not all.
After insulating your home, you might think you have done enough .​
It is​ true that insulating your home well will keep cold air from entering your home and​ degrading the​ performance of​ your heating system .​
But, your house is​ not 100% assured that it​ would e 100% insulated .​
The next thing is​ one important thing you should understand…
Airsealing – Leaks around the​ house are accounted for​ as​ much as​ 40% of​ your heating and​ cooling consumption .​
This means that no matter how good your insulation is, if​ your house have leaks, you still cannot assure total savings .​
Airsealing your home is​ the​ next important thing you should remember and​ do in​ order to​ maximize the​ use of​ your heating system .​
Leaks from the​ front doors must be sealed by weather stripping .​
Doors leading to​ garage and​ attic, and​ doors to​ individual rooms should also be sealed .​
Sealants must be applied on windows, joints and​ sills .​
Walls with leaks can degrade the​ quality of​ air as​ well as​ the​ performance of​ your heating system .​
Leaks from floors will make your heating system work harder as​ well .​
All of​ these should be sealed in​ order to​ make your home leak-free that would equate to​ savings .​
Extra savings – Now that you have ensured that your home is​ well insulated and​ air-sealed, it​ is​ time for​ you to​ solve minor problems that add big cost on your home energy .​
Cleaning your air filter will give you 2 good effects:
1. Clean air filter reduces the​ heating system’s demand to​ work extra.
2. Clean air filter will provide clean recycled air around the​ house.
Making sure that the​ ducts are leak free will give you as​ much as​ 30% on energy savings from your heating system .​
Turn on your appliances only if​ you will use them .​
Never leave them on while you were away .​
Lights should be turned off if​ not used .​
Lower down your thermostat if​ you are away or​ sleeping .​
Set your washing machine to​ cold .​
Washing machine consumes as​ much as​ 90% more power on heating the​ water than using tap water .​
Using small electric burner when cooking will give you better savings than using large burner .​
It will also keep your heating system less stressful in​ maintaining the​ temperature of​ the​ house.
Lower down the​ thermostat of​ your refrigerator .​
Using your fireplace to​ warm the​ house up is​ much cheaper than using the​ heating system.
Maintaining – Keeping your home well maintained will give you a​ lot of​ savings .​
Invest on energy saving devices that will keep your home warn at​ the​ same time, enables your heating system to​ work as​ efficient as​ possible .​
Regular check on the​ leaks of​ the​ duct and​ periodical cleaning of​ the​ air filter will certainly make your heating system work efficiently .​
With all these, you may now have electric bill that is​ both manageable and​ acceptable .​
Try all these and​ see the​ difference they can do to​ your monthly electric bill.

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