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home automation wireless
Wireless Home Automation System, How It Works
If you think that living in​ a​ home where everything is​ controlled by a​ single control panel or​ a​ single remote control including your electronic appliances is​ purely science fiction and​ can only be seen in​ movies, you have to​ think again .​
You have to​ consider the​ fact that a​ remote or​ even a​ television for​ that matter have been thought of​ as​ science fiction in​ the​ past .​
Today, fully automated homes controlled by a​ single control panel are now available in​ the​ market.
In fact, some homes today are now using this technology, especially people who live a​ hectic lifestyle, to​ make their lives a​ little bit easier to​ live .​
The home automation system can let you control every home electronic appliance wherever you are .​
Thanks to​ the​ internet and​ the​ advancement in​ computer technology, this is​ now considered possible.
This kind of​ capability has existed before .​
However, home automation systems in​ the​ past were controlled by a​ wired controlled panel .​
Today, because of​ the​ advancement in​ computer technology, a​ new kind of​ home automation system is​ now available in​ the​ market to​ make it​ even more comfortable than the​ previous versions of​ home automation systems .​
This is​ called the​ wireless home automation system.
Some manufacturers have now included wireless technology into home automation systems .​
Just imagine the​ benefits it​ can give you and​ to​ think that previous models of​ home automation systems are already considered convenient, what more if​ it​ is​ integrated with wireless technology?
Basically, there are three things that make up a​ home automation system .​
These are the​ structured wiring, the​ computer-like microprocessor and​ the​ connection center .​
The structured wiring is​ done by professionals and​ it​ is​ all connected to​ the​ connection center which houses the​ microprocessor .​
In wireless home automation systems, the​ connection center can be also be integrated with the​ wireless technology .​
The whole system is​ controlled by the​ microprocessor wherein you control the​ microprocessor .​
The microprocessor is​ only responsible for​ communicating with your electronic equipments .​
Think of​ it​ as​ a​ translator of​ your every command.
In wireless home automation systems, the​ interface will usually be a​ touch screen wireless control panel that you can carry around in​ your home .​
Just imagine yourself in​ your living room enjoying a​ good movie, you suddenly forgot about turning the​ lights on in​ the​ kitchen and​ you don't want to​ get up and​ interrupt your movie watching .​
With the​ wireless control panel, you can simply touch an​ icon in​ the​ screen and​ turn off the​ lights in​ the​ kitchen.
Some home automation systems can also be triggered by voice recognition systems .​
What this does is​ it​ will record your voice and​ once you give the​ command by speaking, you will see that it​ will instantly be obeyed by the​ home automation system .​
Aside from the​ wireless control panel, you will also be capable of​ controlling various electronic equipments in​ your home through your voice .​
All you need to​ do is​ specify a​ command and​ the​ computer will instantly record it​ and​ store it .​
Once you give the​ specific command, the​ computer will analyze your voice pattern and​ when it​ matches the​ recording, it​ will instantly turn on or​ turn off specific electronic equipment.
Most home automation systems today are now connected to​ the​ internet .​
With this capability, you can access your home anywhere you are as​ long as​ there is​ an​ active internet connection .​
Just imagine, while sitting in​ a​ middle of​ a​ gridlock traffic in​ a​ hot summer day, you access your home through your PDA, turn on the​ air conditioning unit and​ turn on the​ stereo to​ play your favorite music .​
Once you reach home, you can expect your home to​ be completely cool while it​ is​ playing your favorite music.
As you can imagine, you can completely control your own home wherever you are whenever you want .​
In time, you can expect more from home automation systems .​
Who knows, maybe one day home automation systems will include advanced robotics technology and​ advanced artificial intelligence that can simply adjust to​ your lifestyle with robots that can cook fantastic dinners for​ you and​ your family and​ do household chores.
This kind of​ technology can definitely make your life a​ little bit easier and​ a​ little bit comfortable .​
So, if​ you are thinking about living in​ a​ future home, you can consider living in​ it​ today, through home automation systems equipped with wireless technology.

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