Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

An alarm system for​ the​ home is​ needed to​ protect your home, your possessions and​ your family from intruders. According to​ statistics, more than 2 million burglaries occur each year and​ more than half of​ these occur in​ residential homes. When looking for​ an​ alarm system, you should know there are many different kinds of​ systems available. Many people look to​ an​ alarm system to​ protect their home. it​ does not matter what size of​ home you live in, whether it​ is​ a​ large home with three stories or​ a​ small one-room apartment. an​ alarm system provides you with the​ security and​ peace of​ mind you need while on vacation, at​ work or​ sleeping at​ night.

There are many different types of​ alarm systems. One alarm will work to​ detect motion from an​ intruder when the​ alarm is​ activated. Another type of​ alarm system may detect any type of​ temperature change in​ a​ specific room. No matter what type of​ alarm system you have, it​ will notify anyone passing by, your neighbors, the​ police or​ a​ monitoring center of​ the​ activity. When looking for​ an​ alarm system, you should know the​ different aspects of​ a​ home alarm. First, it​ will contain a​ power source, this is​ called a​ control panel. a​ keypad is​ put in​ place to​ allow the​ homeowner to​ deactivate the​ system upon arrival or​ activate the​ system upon departure. Depending on the​ type of​ alarm system you purchase, it​ may have contacts with doors and​ windows, motion detectors and​ glass break sensors.

What is​ great about an​ alarm system is​ that, if​ it​ is​ monitored by a​ monitoring center, it​ will have a​ backup system. This system will allow the​ system to​ work for​ around 24 hours if​ the​ phone lines are ever cut by an​ intruder or​ if​ you lose electricity. What is​ even better is​ that some home alarm systems offer protection in​ the​ event of​ a​ fire, can detect the​ difference between your pets and​ an​ intruder and​ even offer video surveillance.

When it​ comes to​ a​ home alarm system, there are additional fees that are associated with them, not just the​ initial purchase fees. This is​ likely to​ be a​ monthly fee as​ well for​ the​ monitoring system. From ATD, one of​ the​ most popular home alarm system providers, you can enjoy one touch pad, one motion detector, one indoor sounder, two window and​ door sensors and​ one button for​ manually notifying police and​ fire station of​ an​ emergency and​ a​ chime feature for​ an​ installation fee of​ $349.00 and​ a​ monthly fee for​ monitoring of​ $32.99.

Another system with ADT will provide you with one touch pad, one motion detector, one indoor sounder, two deadbolt strike cups, three reset keys, two window and​ door sensors and​ one police and​ fire button for​ $399.00 installation fee and​ $32.99 monthly monitoring fee. With ADT and​ many other providers, you can customize your alarm system to​ suit your needs and​ provide you with full 24-hour peace of​ mind and​ safety for​ your home.

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