Hollywood And Sports Logos

Hollywood And Sports Logos

Back in​ the​ late 1980’s the​ citizens of​ Los Angeles celebrated the​ many victories of​ their professional ice hockey team, the​ Los Angeles Kings. Many residents of​ the​ City stayed glued to​ their TV sets on the​ afternoon when Wayne Gretzky scored his record-breaking goal. Still, one had to​ admit that the​ team logo for​ the​ Kings was not too colorful. it​ would have appeared the​ same, if​ seen on a​ black and​ white TV.

Perhaps that realization planted the​ seed of​ an​ idea. That seed of​ an​ idea started to​ grow. That seed of​ an​ idea was most likely the​ foundation for​ the​ area’s second professional ice hockey team. Still that seed grew very slowly at​ first. for​ a​ while, the​ creation of​ a​ second ice hockey logo seemed a​ long way off. No one could really come up with just the​ right name for​ that second ice hockey team.

Then the​ Disney Company released the​ movie about “The Mighty Ducks.” the​ movie drew big crowds to​ the​ movie theaters, and​ it​ brought good sales, when released as​ a​ DVD. the​ movie also seemed to​ offer the​ answer for​ which so many had been searching. it​ suggested a​ name for​ a​ second ice hockey team.

The movie released by Disney not only offered the​ people of​ southern California a​ possible name, it​ also gave them a​ more colorful logo. Even if​ this proposed expansion team failed to​ have the​ quality players found on the​ Kings team, it​ would at​ least have a​ very colorful logo. No one really put that idea in​ words, yet that must have been the​ thinking of​ those who would have to​ market the​ new team.

After all, the​ marketing of​ an​ expansion team is​ always a​ challenge. Such a​ team does not have a​ great deal of​ name recognition. People are not yet familiar with the​ team’s logo. Both of​ those looming obstacles would be removed from an​ expansion team named the​ “Ducks.” That was the​ beauty of​ using that name for​ a​ new ice hockey team.

The Disney Company had already profited from its purchase of​ the​ California Angels. the​ Disney Company was ready to​ finance the​ creation of​ the​ Anaheim Ducks. Therefore, the​ people of​ Los Angeles and​ Orange County began to​ fly a​ bit more color during the​ ice hockey season.

They did not stop flying the​ logo for​ the​ Los Angeles Kings, but they also flew flags with the​ colorful logo of​ their own Mighty Ducks. They could thank the​ Hollywood studios for​ their more colorful logo.

Hollywood And Sports Logos

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