Holiday Shopping During Your Asian Holiday

Holiday Shopping During Your Asian Holiday

While there is​ no foolproof method of​ eluding thieves, the​ information below may help reduce the​ possibility of​ your becoming a​ victim:

1. Before leaving the​ house, think about ways to​ protect yourself. Think about where you want to​ carry your money, credit cards and​ identification. Don’t take valuable jewelry and​ watches with you. Separate valuables - don’t put all your money in​ one place.

2. Reduce the​ possibility of​ becoming a​ victim by securing valuables in​ a​ waist belt or​ pouch covered by a​ shirt sweater or​ coat. NEVER FLASH MONEY AROUND.

3. Don’t make it​ easy for​ the​ thief - don’t carry large amounts of​ money in​ easily accessible jacket pockets or​ purses. Don’t use a​ wallet. Use your front pants pockets and​ inside shirt pockets for​ your money and​ other valuables. Placing valuables in​ a​ purse around your neck or​ shoulder and​ secured inside a​ shirt sweater or​ jacket is​ a​ useful habit to​ get into. Waist packs are better than purses or​ handbags, but they should also be hidden under a​ shirt or​ coat.

4. Never advertise your intention to​ spend a​ large amount of​ money.

5. Avoid shopping alone. Awareness of​ your surroundings and​ advanced planning are your best weapons for​ defending against thieves.

6. Always be aware of​ your surroundings. Look at​ people near you and​ watch for​ "accidental" nudging and​ touching.

7. Do not carry anything in​ your wallet or​ purse that you are not willing to​ lose. Most shopping in​ Asia is​ done on a​ cash and​ carry basis; leave unneeded credit cards and​ your passport in​ a​ safe place. Carry a​ photocopy of​ the​ ID portion of​ your passport. Your ID card and​ drivers license is​ replaceable; family photographs and​ other personal items may not be as​ easy to​ replace. Remember, carry only what you are going to​ need for​ your outing.

The precautions listed above can help make you a​ harder target. Terrorists and​ criminals look for​ the​ easy target - the​ path of​ least resistance. By making yourself a​ difficult target you can help ensure your own safety and​ that of​ your family. Please remember that thinking about what to​ do in​ an​ emergency is​ not as​ frightening as​ not knowing what to​ do when faced with an​ actual emergency.

Holiday Shopping During Your Asian Holiday

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