Hitachi Half Life 55 Hdm71 Plasma Tv

Hitachi Half Life 55 Hdm71 Plasma Tv

This flat screen television, the​ Hitachi Plasma Half Life 55-HDM71, performs sharply and​ smoothly. With its high resolution of​ 1366 x 768, this plasma flat TV can't be beat. There is​ 20% more picture on this 55" screen than there is​ on a​ standard 50" screen. the​ 10 bit image processing on Hitachi Plasma Half Life 55-HDM71 brings a​ vibrant picture with 1.07-billion color capability and​ great contrast, which makes it​ perform like a​ smaller television.

Aside from the​ screen capabilities, this Hitachi plasma flat TV also includes extension modes, full serial control, and​ a​ 20-watt audio amplifier. On top of​ this, there is​ picture-in-picture and​ split-screen image control for​ home theater and​ commercial use. Additionally, there is​ the​ option of​ including a​ swivel table top stand, wall mount bracket, and​ black or​ silver side mount speakers. Along with the​ Hitachi plasma monitors' normal technology and​ seamless integration, it​ makes for​ a​ great flat tv.

The single drawback to​ the​ Hitachi Plasma Half Life 55-HDM71 is​ that it​ ships with "black enhancement on." This means when you are watching the​ TV, there will be no detail in​ the​ dark scenes, but it​ is​ resolved easily enough. if​ you turn off the​ back enhance, and​ change the​ colors settings a​ bit, it​ will solve the​ problem. There are several things that can be done to​ extend the​ life of​ the​ display. Along with screen savers that employ orbiting, inverting and​ wiping to​ refresh the​ screen, there are also many other options to​ maximize the​ life on this plasma TV.

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