History Of The Web Hosting Industry

History Of The Web Hosting Industry

The history of​ the​ web hosting dates back to​ the​ time when the​ first program was written for​ the​ web in​ the​ year 1990 by Tim Berners Lee. After that the​ program was further developed and​ many companies joined in​ the​ effort to​ come to​ the​ present stage where there is​ still an​ exponential growth in​ the​ web hosting industry.

Now statistics reveal that there are more than 35,000 businesses that host more than 100 sites in​ their server. With the​ increasing competition day by day the​ industry is​ growing like anything. By the​ time you read this there would have been some 100s of​ companies added to​ the​ existing list.

The first program for​ the​ World Wide Web was that of​ a​ hypertext editor that was executed in​ the​ NeXT machine. and​ the​ browser used at​ that time was a​ “line mode browser” which was designed by a​ student Nicola Pellow.

The specifications of​ the​ HTML, HTTP and​ UDI were published on the​ server so that discussion can be had on these by the​ people who do research on this.

To access the​ web, clients that can work on the​ other machines other than the​ NeXT were needed and​ hence the​ browsers like Viola, Cello, Erwise, and​ Mosaic came into existence. the​ World Wide Consortium that was started in​ 1994 was the​ milestone where companies started to​ involve themselves in​ creating the​ common protocols for​ the​ Web and​ the​ new world of​ web began to​ evolve.

Earlier than this the​ software products also had features that used TCP/IP just for​ giving the​ networking feature for​ the​ product without knowing the​ future potential of​ this protocol. in​ the​ last few years of​ the​ discussion held in​ the​ IETF meeting there were lots of​ discussion going on to​ extend the​ TCP/IP protocols and​ the​ ways by which it​ can be extended.

The features of​ the​ tools required for​ this purpose were also discussed. Basic networking products were developed that provided connectivity and​ the​ basic services for​ the​ internet. the​ commercial efforts were limited to​ this initially. Then it​ became an​ essential service with the​ number of​ user growing exponentially and​ the​ products for​ the​ World Wide Web flowing in​ to​ the​ market. the​ developments in​ the​ technology also fueled this. Now with the​ latest developments in​ the​ technology there are many products for​ each of​ the​ technology that is​ available for​ the​ internet.

With the​ it​ majors like the​ Microsoft, IBM, and​ the​ Sun Microsystems plunging into the​ internet market there are many products, languages, and​ tools available for​ use in​ developing the​ web applications. Web Servers that serve the​ user with the​ requested web pages and​ a​ host of​ features targeting the​ web are made available.

Power servers built by the​ hardware manufacturers also aid in​ the​ growth of​ the​ Web Hosting Industry. the​ internet has undergone a​ lot of​ change. From personal computers, to​ client server to​ peer-to-peer network it​ has changed a​ lot. File sharing, remote login, email and​ what not, everything is​ possible through internet. it​ has not completed its transformation as​ it​ is​ still in​ the​ process. Now with internet telephony and​ internet television the​ evolution keeps on happening. It’s hard to​ realize what is​ in​ store next!

History Of The Web Hosting Industry

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