History Of Advertising

History Of Advertising

History of​ Advertising
When advertising is​ considered from its entire history it​ is​ not surprising at​ all that it​ currently maintains such a​ significant factor in​ our lives and​ society .​
the​ history of​ advertising can be traced all the​ way back to​ the​ people of​ Babylonia and​ was present in​ several societies from that time forward .​
Moving forward outdoor adevertsing was implemented announce such things as​ properties for​ rent and​ sites where food and​ drink was available in​ places such as​ Rome.
It seems that we’ve all heard various tales of​ town criers and​ the​ travels to​ various villages to​ spread the​ day’s most significant news .​
But, these traveling announcers also delivered promotional pieces detailing the​ positive qualities of​ various products .​
the​ products producer’s of​ course were behind the​ promotions .​

Although, the​ property advertisements were a​ form a​ graphic advertising it​ wasn’t until 1472 that the​ first printed ad appeared in​ England .​
What was for​ sale? as​ one indicator of​ issues and​ products of​ importance today, the​ same held true in​ 1472 England .​
a​ prayer book was for​ sale.
The profitability of​ advertising finally captured the​ attention a​ Philidelphia entrepreneur, who started the​ first advertising agent for​ hire in​ the​ U.S .​
in​ 1841 .​
It wasn’t long after this that our current advertising agency systems began to​ take form .​
the​ agents, and​ later agencies, turned profit in​ those days primarily by buying advertising space from newspapers and​ then selling and​ creating ads to​ various businesses .​
the​ next step to​ make the​ advertising as​ recognizable, and​ complex, as​ it​ is​ today was to​ implement market research and​ the​ writing of​ copy based on the​ findings, which was done by an​ advertising agency in​ the​ late 1800’s that is​ still in​ existence today.

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