Hiring An SEO Consultant

Hiring An SEO Consultant

Hiring an​ SEO consultant is​ in​ this digital age a​ must for any business intent on​ being found in​ the​ Internet's search engines. This can seem like a​ daunting task as​ how do you​ know who is​ good and who is​ not?

Search engine optimisation is​ like any other industry and like in​ any other industry there are cowboys. But if​ you​ use the​ following 5 questions in​ your search you​ will quickly be able to​ sort out who is​ who and make your decision on​ who to​ hire.

Before you​ ask any questions you​ are going to​ need to​ find your SEO consultants to​ contact. to​ do this you​ need to​ use the​ search engines to​ ensure they can practice what they preach. I would suggest using Google,​ Yahoo and MSN as​ they are the​ top search engines and account for approximately 90% of​ all UK search traffic.

You should try searching the​ phrase “SEO consultant” and contacting the​ people that seem to​ keep coming up in​ the​ top results. if​ they can achieve these results for themselves they will know what they are doing and you​ will just need to​ ensure they are ethical.

Now you​ have a​ shortlist of​ contacts you​ can now make contact and ask the​ following questions to​ ensure they are ethical and the​ right choice for your business:

1. What past successes have you​ had?

Any good and experienced SEO consultant will be able to​ tell you​ of​ an​ abundance of​ top results and companies they have worked with. Many will be able to​ offer you​ case studies and client testimonials to​ back up what they claim. it​ is​ important to​ go through their results to​ ensure that they are correct and that the​ companies are in​ good positions on​ the​ search engines.

2. What will you​ do for me?

Search engine optimisation is​ an​ on​ page and off page process and should involve the​ optimisation of​ your website and link building to​ be effective. you​ should also consider if​ you​ would like the​ SEO consultant to​ make all site changes for you​ or​ whether you​ or​ your web team will be making the​ changes. if​ you​ are expecting them to​ make the​ changes ensure that the​ SEO consultant you​ choose can make the​ changes and is​ skilled to​ work with the​ technology your website is​ built on. you​ should also ensure is​ that they have adequate insurance to​ cover them in​ the​ very unlikely invent of​ a​ problem.

3. Can you​ guarantee results?

This question is​ a​ split question and there are actually 2 answers. the​ first is​ that no one can guarantee you​ top results or​ 1st place listings in​ the​ search engines because they do not own them. if​ someone says they can run a​ mile and move onto the​ next prospect because the​ likely hood is​ that they will be using un-ethical techniques to​ try. I do believe that a​ good SEO consultant will be able to​ guarantee that they will be able to​ increase your current online presence.

4. What reports will I receive?

This will differ from one consultant to​ the​ next but you​ should expect a​ keyword report to​ start with,​ proposing the​ keywords you​ should target along with why and the​ search volume (this will ensure that the​ keywords you​ are targeting will actually yield traffic).Once you​ agree on​ the​ keywords and your website has been optimised you​ should receive a​ complete report detailing what has been done so you​ can sign of​ the​ project.

5. What happens next?

Search engine optimisation is​ an​ ongoing process of​ testing,​ measuring and optimising. it​ is​ not something that can be done once and left alone so you​ should expect to​ have a​ monthly program with your SEO consultant where they are optimising,​ link building and reporting on​ a​ monthly basis. This is​ crucial for long term growth and success so be wary of​ anyone telling you​ they will do it​ once and that is​ all you​ need.

The bottom line is​ if​ you​ have any reservations or​ you​ something doesn’t sound right with your potential SEO consultant don’t use them and keep on​ looking.

Hiring An SEO Consultant

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