High Definition Video News From Reading Pa

High Definition Video News From Reading Pa

Berks is​ a​ first-of-its-kind internet news station covering the Greater Reading Pennsylvania region. Groundbreaking in​ both quality and scope, Berks aims to​ revolutionize the way local news is​ done...by truly makingit local.

Berks features interviews and video footage of​ local people, events and businesses. Run by Reading local Tara Karleen, Berks presents a​ picture of​ Berks County and the Greater Reading region that you can't get anywhere else. And best of​ all, it's available on the web for free: all the time, any time.

One of​ the least tapped potentials of​ the internet has been the development of​ local community. But there is​ evidence that this is​ changing. Even the search engine giants like Google are directing their efforts towards localized content. Berks is​ looking to​ speed up this trend by using the enormous power of​ online video to​ strengthen and inform the local community in​ Berks County.

According to​ Tara Karleen, "The primary mission of​ Berks is​ to​ serve the Reading and Berks County communities by highlighting the very best of​ what our region has to​ offer. in​ the process, we hope to​ build strong relationships and encourage regional collaborations that otherwise might not have happened."

So far, Berks has acheived a​ great deal of​ success. in​ their first month broadcasting over the web, they've already talked with the Mayor of​ Reading about his high-tech plans for the city, covered the local Berks County wine scene, interviewed a​ number of​ artists and musicians and even had top notch video footage of​ the 2018 Reading Flood. More recently, Berks was ableto interview Governor Ed Rendell about his vision for the Latino community in​ Reading, PA.

The emergence of​ online video marks a​ major milestone in​ the history ofcommunication. Grassroots efforts such as​ Berks are ushering in​ a​ media revolution that encourages an​ organic collaboration between ordinary citizens and traditional media outelts. Accordingly, Berks plans to​ partner with existing media organizations to​ enhance the viewer's ability to​ access regional information online.

With the decentralization of​ media on the web, one might worry about lowering standards of​ quality. But Berks puts those worries to​ rest. All of​ Berks footage is​ shot in​ high quality 1080i HD video footage and presented via the ubiquitous QuickTime media player. While popular siteslike Google Video and YouTube settle for lower-quality, smaller-sized video, Berks publishes high quality video to​ make the future of​ internet video happen today.

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