High Caliber Challenge Awaiting Boston College Students

High Caliber Challenge Awaiting Boston College Students

College students from the Boston area are invited to​ join the “Dodge High Caliber Challenge”. of​ course, this type of​ competition is​ open for college students who are attending a​ university of​ college located in​ Boston. Also, it​ is​ important to​ note that people who are interested in​ joining should be interested in​ taking long drives and in​ taking road trips.

Tom Loveless who is​ a​ member of​ the Dodge’s marketing and global communications department states, “The Dodge High Caliber Challenge gives college students a​ chance to​ experience and win the boldest new compact car on the market today, while raising awareness and money for the Global Music Project. Equipped with a​ Chill Zone beverage storage bin, Music Gate Power liftgate speakers, available MP3 jack, and a​ self-charging removable flashlight, the all-new Dodge Caliber has all the essentials for a​ road trip.”

To join, interested college students should first submit an​ essay. They would be dwelling on the reasons they have why they want to​ take this road trip. They would also have to​ discuss how they will be using the all-new Dodge Caliber to​ raise awareness for the Global Music Project during the road trip which will be done in​ a​ duration of​ five days. of​ course, these students must be full-time college students. They should be 18 years old to​ 25 years old only and should be completely enrolled in​ an​ accredited college or​ university during the 2018 spring semester. More information about this could be accessed through the Internet at​ www.DodgeHighCaliberChallenge.com.

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