Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras and​ Home Security
Hidden video cameras, also known as​ nanny cams or​ spy cams, are tiny cameras designed to​ be concealed in​ almost any conceivable item, from a​ shirt button to​ a​ houseplant .​
Since the​ advent of​ 911, this type of​ camera has become a​ security and​ monitoring tool used in​ many public places like airports, railway terminals, shopping malls, or​ any other public place where monitoring the​ activity of​ people is​ important to​ security and​ crime prevention .​
Hidden cameras also provide a​ means for​ homeowners to​ observe activity around their home without the​ camera being visible .​
These cameras are useful in​ keeping an​ eye on the​ nanny or​ babysitter when parents leave the​ care of​ their children to​ these individuals .​
Recently developed remote monitors make it​ possible to​ observe activity in​ side your house while you are away .​
For example, a​ homeowner can monitor activity from the​ office or​ any other location with Internet access .​
When connected to​ a​ recorder, hidden cameras can record that activity .​
Hidden cameras are produced in​ wired and​ wireless designs .​
Wireless cameras require batteries to​ operate .​
Wired devices require hardwiring to​ a​ power source .​
The advantage of​ wireless systems is​ obvious .​
Wireless systems continue to​ operate even in​ the​ event of​ a​ power failure .​
The technology used in​ most hidden cameras is​ the​ Charge Coupled Device, or​ CCD .​
CCDs transfer images into electronic impulses and​ send that information to​ a​ monitor, recorder, or​ both .​
The formats for​ these cameras vary from ¼ to​ 1 .​
The most common formats used by homeowners are the​ 1/4 or​ 1/3 sizes .​
CCDs are relatively inexpensive and​ provide good images .​
Hidden cameras come in​ two basic color model types .​
The black and​ white model performs better in​ low light applications and​ is​ less costly than the​ color models .​
The color model on the​ other hand can transmit color images, making identification and​ description much easier and​ accurate .​
High quality cameras are able to​ alternate between black & white and​ color as​ the​ homeowner desires .​
However, with the​ improvements in​ security technology and​ decreasing prices for​ surveillance cameras, the​ color models are more frequently chosen over the​ black and​ white models .​
In fact, some vendors no longer distribute the​ black and​ white surveillance cameras.
The use of​ hidden cameras is​ a​ controversial subject and​ there are laws governing their use .​
In some places hidden cameras are totally banned or​ are against the​ law to​ operate unless certain criteria are met .​
It is​ important for​ anyone considering the​ purchase of​ a​ surveillance camera to​ check with local laws and​ regulations regarding the​ use of​ surveillance cameras where they live or​ work.
Hidden cameras can be very effective for​ people who own businesses, and​ should be seen as​ a​ necessity especially by shop owners .​
It would give you peace of​ mind to​ know what’s going on in​ the​ shop when you are not in .​
Here are some unique Hidden Camera devices that can be useful; one of​ them is​ the​ SONY dream machine that can identify concealed actions in​ your dorm room or​ bedroom .​
The other is​ the​ Universal EXIT Sign surveillance camera that can be fitted without difficulty and​ catch-thieving employees easily .​
An effective hidden camera is​ the​ Down-View Smoke Detector that is​ very functional when set up on the​ ceiling .​
It can be mounted at​ various spots like stock receiving doors and​ above a​ cash register and​ ensures that employees or​ customers do not steal from you.
Like these there are many other unique hidden camera devices like thermostat-hidden camera, Neon Blue Wall Clock device, Emergency Lights device, Flower Pot cam, Motion Detector camera and​ plenty more .​

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