Hemorrhoids Symptoms Causes And Treatment Options

Hemorrhoids Symptoms Causes And Treatment Options

Hemorrhoids Symptoms, Causes and​ Treatment Options
By hemorrhoids the​ veins in​ or​ around the​ anus, or​ in​ the​ lower rectum are swollen and​ often also inflamed . ​
Hemorrhoids inside the​ rectum are called internal hemorrhoids, and​ those in​ the​ anal area external ones . ​
Studies have shown that 1 out of​ 3 persons below the​ age of​ 50 will suffer from hemorrhoids . ​
1 out of​ 2 persons over the​ age of​ 50 is​ affected by this condition . ​
Hemorrhoids give these symptoms
Swollen veins in​ the​ anal area or​ inside the​ rectum . ​

Itching . ​

Tears in​ the​ swollen veins and​ bleeding from the​ tears . ​

Coagulated blood in​ the​ veins making hard lumps . ​

The hemorrhoids may lead to​ permanent lumps, scars or​ thickened area after the​ initial healing . ​

Before hemorrhoids form, there is​ usually an​ increased pressure in​ the​ veins of​ the​ anal area, for​ example due to​ overfilled intestines, due to​ constipation and​ thereby straining to​ get hard stool out during toilet visits, or​ due to​ frequent diarrhoea . ​

The veins have valves preventing the​ blood from flowing backwards . ​
the​ increased pressure makes the​ segment of​ a​ vain right after a​ valve to​ swell up like a​ balloon . ​

The blood in​ the​ swollen vein segment then coagulates, making a​ hard lump that clogs the​ vein, and​ the​ clogged vein segment then gets infected and​ inflamed . ​

The inflamed hemorrhoids may then tear, so that the​ content empties and​ the​ vein bleeds . ​
After emptying its content, the​ vein heals, but may develop a​ residing scar . ​

Other times the​ content of​ the​ hemorrhoids is​ dissolved and​ the​ vein heals without rupturing, but also now a​ permanent thickened or​ hardened vein segment may form . ​

Since hemorrhoids are caused by conditions making increased pressure in​ the​ anal veins, like lazy colon, constipation or​ diarrhoea, the​ ultimate cause of​ hemorrhoids are factors causing these conditions . ​
Such factors are
Lack of​ fibre in​ the​ daily diet
Drinking too less water . ​

Consuming too less fat, or​ the​ opposite too much fat . ​

Lack of​ daily physical exercise . ​

Cramping or​ prolonged tension in​ the​ anal sphincter and​ the​ muscles around the​ rectal opening seems to​ restrict the​ blood stream from the​ anal area back towards the​ heart, and​ thus also contribute to​ hemorrhoids . ​
Nervous or​ psychological processes may cause tension in​ these muscles . ​

Hemorrhoids are a​ very common complication by pregnancy . ​
the​ hormonal stimulation during pregnancy causes the​ vessels in​ the​ anal area to​ dilate . ​
the​ weight of​ the​ foetus and​ the​ straining during childbirth will further cause a​ marked pressure increase in​ the​ already dilated vessels, with hemorrhoids as​ a​ consequence . ​

Heavy muscular work or​ heavy lifting can increase the​ pressure in​ the​ anal vessels and​ contribute to​ hemorrhoids . ​
Conditions that weaken the​ tissue in​ the​ anal area may also contribute to​ development of​ hemorrhoids, for​ example inflammations, allergies or​ high age . ​

Sometimes hemorrhoids require surgical or​ other medical intervention . ​
However, in​ many cases you​ can do much yourself to​ prevent, alleviate or​ cure the​ condition . ​
Since cancer or​ other serious conditions sometimes resemble hemorrhoids or​ cause hemorrhoids, newly detected hemorrhoids should always be medically investigated . ​

1 . ​
Lifestyle adjustments
Lifestyle measures to​ prevent or​ cure an​ inactive colon, an​ overfilled colon and​ constipation, will also help to​ prevent or​ cure hemorrhoids . ​
Such measures are
* a​ diet with enough fibre, containing whole corn cereals, whole corn bread, vegetables and​ fruit . ​

* Using natural oils in​ the​ food that gives the​ intestinal content a​ soft consistency, like olive oil, sunflower oil, rape oil and​ soy oil . ​

* Some daily exercise . ​

* Drinking enough water . ​

2 . ​
Agents to​ regulate the​ digestive function
You can use certain natural products to​ regulate your digestive functions and​ this will also help against hemorrhoids
* Bran added to​ your diet has high fibre content, and​ will stimulate the​ intestines to​ contract better and​ pass its content more rapidly . ​

* Linen seeds will make the​ stool softer so that it​ is​ passed better through the​ intestines . ​

3 . ​
Topical balms or​ ointments
You can find topical balms on the​ market to​ apply onto the​ affected area . ​
the​ balms contain ingredients that penetrate through the​ skin into the​ swollen blood vessels and​ anal muscles, or​ are transported through the​ tissue fluids upwards in​ the​ intestinal wall . ​
Other ingredients remain on the​ affected area as​ a​ protecting and​ lubricating sheet . ​
the​ effects of​ these ingredients are . ​

* Alleviating inflammation and​ itching . ​

* Stimulating tissue healing . ​

* Alleviating cramping in​ the​ rectal sphincter . ​

* Dissolving coagulated blood . ​

* Killing bacteria that cause infection in​ the​ affected area . ​

* Lubricating the​ rectal opening or​ the​ end part of​ the​ rectum to​ make the​ stool pass more easily . ​

4 . ​
Oral products to​ treat hemorrhoids
You can also find oral pills or​ capsules to​ help against hemorrhoids with the​ following effects
* Giving the​ stool a​ greater volume so that the​ intestines manage better to​ get hold of​ it​ and​ work it​ through . ​

* Giving the​ stool a​ smoother consistency so that it​ passes more easily through the​ intestinal system and​ rectal opening . ​

* Alleviating cramping and​ irregular contractions in​ intestinal system . ​

* Stimulating the​ regular and​ effective contraction of​ the​ intestines . ​

* Alleviating inflammation and​ itching . ​

* Stimulating tissue healing . ​

5 . ​
If there is​ a​ hard constipation aggravating the​ hemorrhoids, a​ small enema can help to​ empty the​ colon and​ the​ rectum, and​ also help to​ cure the​ hemorrhoids . ​
However, big enemas can increase the​ intestinal pressure and​ aggravate the​ condition . ​

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