Hemorrhoid Facts And Treatments

Hemorrhoid Facts And Treatments

In the​ medical world a​ hemorrhoid is​ described as​ an​ enlarged or​ swollen vein. Hemorrhoids are somewhat similar to​ varicose veins that develop in​ the​ legs, except that hemorrhoids are veins located in​ the​ anus. These veins cushion and​ protect the​ anal canal. Pain and​ problems occur when these veins are stretched and​ tear under pressure.

Hemorrhoids are a​ very common medical problem seen in​ both men and​ women, usually over the​ age of​ 30, with most suffering from hemorrhoids between the​ ages of​ 45 and​ 65 years old. it​ is​ estimated that more than a​ half million people seek treatment for​ symptomatic hemorrhoids each year in​ the​ United States. of​ this half million hemorrhoid suffers, 10 to​ 20 percent will need surgical treatment.

Most medical professionals blame the​ formation of​ hemorrhoids on prolonged sitting on the​ toilet and​ chronic straining due to​ constipation. Hemorrhoids are also very common during pregnancy, due to​ the​ strain from carrying the​ excess weight of​ the​ baby.

You may suffer from internal or​ external hemorrhoids. Generally internal hemorrhoids, which are located higher up in​ the​ anus are not painful, but you will notice bleeding. Hemorrhoids will bleed bright red blood due to​ their abundance of​ arterial blood, which is​ different from the​ dark blood in​ your venous system. at​ times a​ hemorrhoid will protrude from the​ anal canal. Usually these hemorrhoids, which are called prolapsed, can be gently pushed back inside. if​ not, a​ consultation with a​ specialist is​ necessary.

External hemorrhoids are those that are itchy and​ painful and​ really uncomfortable. if​ you experience external hemorrhoids you will see bright red blood on the​ toilet paper, or​ in​ the​ toilet bowl after a​ bowel movement.

There are ways to​ relieve the​ discomfort of​ hemorrhoids. a​ sitz bath can help to​ relieve the​ discomfort of​ hemorrhoids. it​ is​ suggested that you sit in​ a​ tub of​ warm water for​ fifteen minutes several times a​ day. When you wipe, instead of​ toilet paper use pads soaked with witch hazel. You can buy these pads at​ any drug store. Application of​ any of​ the​ numerous over-the-counter hemorrhoid preparations will help to​ relieve the​ discomfort and​ itching.

Prolonged periods of​ either standing, or​ sitting can aggravate hemorrhoids. Straining when you have a​ bowel movement is​ one of​ the​ chief causes of​ them, and​ will definitely make them worse and​ much more painful. Don't do it. the​ cause of​ constipation may be not enough fiber in​ your diet. Take a​ fiber supplement.

Any rectal bleeding of​ any kind should be checked by your physician.

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