Helpful Tips To Get Your Add Adhd Indigo Child To Sleep Naturally

As a​ single mom of​ four children myself I know how difficult it​ is​ to​ get any child to​ bed on time! it​ is​ even more difficult if​ a​ child has been diagnosed as​ Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or​ more commonly referred to​ as​ ADD/ADHD. The Angel Lady, Doreen Virtue, calls this: Attention Dialed into a​ Higher Dimension. Brilliant!

My eldest son, since the day he arrived into this world has been a​ go-go-goer! The first year of​ his life, I tripled my own age! I was sleep deprived and literally exhausted, a​ walking zombie! He barely slept and the times he did sleep, he was very restless, constantly moving and frequently waking up. Routines and schedules did not work for him at​ that time. Taking one five minute nap during the day would give this child enough of​ an​ energy boost to​ keep him ticking until well past midnight and he would still be up by 6AM! He by passed crawling and was literally running at​ eight and half months! He was definitely my little energizer bunny! in​ this article I will share with you natural methods that I have learnt over the past 10 and half years to​ help him at​ least fall asleep.

No one suggestion below will work for everyone, but continue trying new things until you find what does work for your situation. Do not give up! it​ eventually pays off in​ the long run for both of​ you! Unless of​ course you have more kids like I do. I’m so used to​ not sleeping now I wonder what it​ would feel like to​ actually have one whole undisturbed night of​ sleep to​ myself! at​ least I am only getting up for two out of​ four kids now, but as​ with all things, this too shall pass.

• Stick to​ a​ bedtime schedule for both going to​ bed and getting out of​ bed. This should not be a​ fight. Your child should already be relaxed and ready for bed. On school days the routine for my son to​ awaken is​ 7:15AM. On weekends, he still goes to​ bed at​ 9PM, but I allow him to​ wake up whenever “he” wants to​ get up.
• Get them to​ use the bathroom before going to​ bed. This should help them to​ not wake up during the night needing to​ use the toilet.
• A warm sea salt bath right before bed helps to​ relax the body and mind.
• A foot massage. This can be with a​ foot massage bath spa, an​ actual hand massage or​ both! if​ you are going to​ use oils, be sure to​ pick pure oils, not synthetic ones and that they are relaxing, calming oils! You do not want to​ use oil that is​ meant for stimulation. Find a​ good aromatherapist to​ help you as​ you need to​ use a​ carrier oil along with the essential oil for massage.
• A back massage. Again this can be done with oils or​ without remembering to​ use relaxing, calming oils over stimulating ones.
• An energy healing treatment releases tension and stress and can have a​ calming effect.
• Soft, non-vocal, slow instrumental music. This relaxes the body and mind whereas using vocals and fast tempo will increase the energy and keep the mind in​ thought.
• Nature Sounds: My son likes the sound of​ rain, dolphins, oceans and rivers. He didn’t care for the bird, cricket, frog sounds nor the thunder storms as​ this frightened him more than soothed him.
• Using the bedroom for sleep only. I created a​ play area in​ our house that equips the television, the kids’ games, PS2, music, their toys and books etc.
• Avoid daytime naps especially if​ you have a​ child that can take a​ five minute nap that revives them until late in​ the evening! By pass the nap and put them to​ bed earlier. My youngest children (4 and 2) get up at​ 6AM and go to​ bed by 6PM, no naps.
• Reading stories either to​ the child or​ letting them read themselves. Pick stories that are calming and non-violent.
• No television of​ a​ violent or​ stimulating nature before bed.
• No stimulating energetic games such as​ running, jumping, tickling, wrestling etc. Pick quiet activities such as​ drawing, reading or​ writing.
• The bedding style may make a​ difference. My son likes it​ semi-snug. if​ the bedding is​ too tight, he squirms around a​ lot until he is​ able to​ loosen it​ up some. You may have try tight, semi-snug or​ loose.
• Diet is​ very important and if​ you want your child to​ fall asleep easily and rest well stay away from sugar and products with artificial food colouring. That means pretty much all processed foods! it​ is​ time to​ go back to​ the basics and eat as​ natural and clean as​ possible. This truly makes a​ huge difference!

Trying some of​ these tools may just bring back the peace and balance you and your child need! if​ you have any questions, please feel free to​ email me at​

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