Help With Cancer Concerns Is A Free Call Away

Help With Cancer Concerns Is A Free Call Away

"I just found out yesterday that I have brain cancer. I spent over an​ hour at​ the​ doctor's office and​ cannot remember anything he told be about my prognosis and​ the​ treatment. I'm so scared and​ I don't know how to​ tell my children or​ my family. I feel like I'm going crazy. ... is​ this normal?"

Calls such as​ this one are placed to​ the​ AMC Cancer Center's Cancer Information and​ Counseling Line several times a​ day by people seeking help and​ support with a​ variety of​ cancer-related concerns.

There are an​ estimated 10 million cancer survivors in​ the​ United States. Cancer patients and​ their families face many challenges, from coping with the​ initial diagnosis to​ making decisions about treatments. They may struggle with treatment side effects, communication issues with loved ones and​ health care providers, and​ practical concerns like child care and​ financial hardships.

The Cancer Information and​ Counseling Line, also called CICL, is​ a​ nonprofit, toll-free service. it​ has been providing emotional support, specialized counseling and​ cancer information to​ thousands of​ people across the​ country for​ nearly 25 years.

Each call is​ assessed by a​ cancer information and​ triage specialist who is​ able to​ help the​ caller with detailed resource information. Callers also are given the​ option of​ talking to​ one of​ the​ professional counselors, who give supportive, practical guidance on how to​ cope with the​ emotional toll a​ cancer diagnosis can take.

All of​ the​ counselors have master's degrees and​ extensive experience in​ psychosocial counseling of​ cancer patients and​ their significant others. Each counseling session is​ focused on meeting the​ needs of​ the​ caller.

In addition to​ information supplied over the​ phone, the​ AMC Cancer Research Center has an​ extensive library of​ cancer-related materials that can be mailed to​ callers upon request.

The CICL is​ funded by private donations. as​ health care continues to​ evolve, the​ CICL hopes to​ expand to​ meet the​ growing emotional and​ informational needs of​ people affected by cancer.

Help With Cancer Concerns Is A Free Call Away

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