Help Stop Snoring Limiting Eating Before Bedtime

Help Stop Snoring Limiting Eating Before Bedtime

It’s getting to​ close to​ bedtime and your stomach is​ looking for a​ late night snack. You go to​ the kitchen and decide on a​ nice thick slice of​ chocolate cake. After brushing your teeth you tuck yourself into bed and within hours you feel the familiar hand of​ your spouse trying to​ wake you up so you’ll stop snoring.

Snoring is​ a​ problem that almost everyone has had to​ deal with at​ some point. Whether it​ was a​ parent who snored, a​ partner or​ their own snoring problem, it​ changed not only their sleep patterns but their stress level as​ well. if​ we don’t get a​ good night’s rest we can end up irritated, frustrated and angry with the person who snores, even if​ logically it​ seems that there is​ nothing they can do about it.

There might be something that can easily change the situation and help them to​ stop snoring. The solution might be found in​ their menu. The foods we eat can have a​ direct impact on whether or​ not we snore.

Eating right before you retire for the night gives your body less of​ a​ chance to​ digest the food. This can result in​ the food sitting within your stomach and depending on the size of​ the snack or​ the meal it​ can also cause you to​ feel pressure on your diaphragm. it​ is​ that pressure that can result in​ snoring.

Adjusting your meal time might help improve the snoring. if​ you are accustomed to​ eating dinner later in​ the evening at​ eight or​ nine o’clock, it​ might be wise to​ move that ahead several hours so that by the time you do hit the hay, the food will have been digested and it​ won’t result in​ a​ restless sleep that is​ filled with the sounds of​ snoring.

Experimenting a​ bit with eating times is​ wise in​ this case. it​ might be as​ simple as​ an​ hour difference in​ time that results in​ you snoring or​ not. That is​ a​ small change that can have a​ big result in​ not only your sleep but in​ the sleep of​ those who have listened to​ you snore night after night.

Snacks are often a​ regular routine of​ night time television viewing. Eating potato chips, popcorn or​ pretzels is​ a​ great way to​ add flavor to​ an​ evening of​ sports or​ movies. Choosing a​ different snack might help you to​ have a​ sounder sleep though. Some research suggests that honey has a​ positive effect on the airways and can help stop snoring. Eating an​ apple dipped in​ honey or​ having a​ cup of​ warm tea with honey will not only help with stopping the snoring but it​ won’t place such a​ heavy burden on your digestive system at​ the end of​ the day.

Overall the main points to​ remember when eating to​ avoid snoring are:

* Avoid eating late in​ the day.
* Avoid eating snacks that contain too many calories
* Avoid snacks that take a​ long time to​ digest.

Looking carefully at​ your diet and your dietary habits might result in​ not only a​ healthier eating pattern but also may help with a​ snoring problem. Simply adjusting what you eat and when you eat it​ could stop your snoring completely.

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