Help My Email Is Driving Me Crazy Part 2

Help My Email Is Driving Me Crazy Part 2

Help! My Email is​ Driving Me Crazy! Part 2
Create Folders
Once you delete emails you do not need and deal with the spam, you will still no doubt have a​ lot of​ email left to​ deal with .​
Instead of​ letting hundreds of​ emails build up in​ your box, it​ is​ important that you find a​ filing system to​ allow you to​ get them organized .​
Start building email folders that you can file specific emails in .​
You may want to​ create a​ folder for work related email, email from friends and family, financial or​ shopping email, and maybe even a​ folder designated to​ travel .​
Having specific folders to​ file emails in​ can help you keep your inbox nice and clean, and it​ will be easier to​ deal with incoming email as​ well.
Archive Folders
While creating folders can greatly help you control your inbox, if​ you receive a​ few hundred emails a​ day, these folders may be filling up quickly and you may need to​ organize your email even more .​
One thing that you can do is​ to​ set up archive folders that will hold your email that was received before a​ certain date .​
You can actually set up these folders just like your inbox so everything will be filed appropriately .​
You may even want to​ set up an​ archive folder for each month so it​ is​ easy to​ find older emails .​
This will help you make sure that only more current emails are stored in​ the folders in​ your email inbox .​
Organize Your Address Book
While you want to​ keep your email inbox organized, you will also want to​ make sure that it​ is​ easy for you to​ send out emails as​ well .​
One way that you can make it​ easier to​ send out emails is​ to​ make sure that your address book is​ organized as​ well .​
While many email programs will organize your address book alphabetically, you may find that this is​ not the most effective way for you .​
You can choose to​ organize your addresses in​ groups that will make them easy for you to​ find and this type of​ organization will also make it​ easier for you to​ send out group messages as​ well .​
When it​ comes to​ your email inbox problems, organization is​ the key to​ success .​
Keeping everything organized on a​ regular basis will help take the craziness out of​ checking your email .​
Start using these tips and you will be amazed at​ how much time you can save and how much easier it​ becomes to​ deal with your email.

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