Help Look After The Planet Recycling Your Old Computer

Today the​ environmental impact of​ old computers,​ computer related parts and other electronic goods is​ a​ serious growing concern. There are so many computer Organizations who are ready to​ deal with old and damaged computers. They are ready to​ accept all types of​ obsolete and working computer equipments such as​ CRT monitors,​ printers,​ scanners,​ fax machines,​ etc. regardless of​ their age and condition. They also help in​ recycling the​ printer ink cartridges,​ laser toners,​ etc.

There are annually several millions of​ computers that are becoming obsolete. it​ is​ very much harmful for the​ environment if​ the​ waste computers are used to​ fill lands. Even it​ is​ a​ crime if​ the​ disposal of​ computers is​ used in​ landfills under different sections of​ environmental laws. the​ environmental concern regarding the​ disposal of​ computers is​ mainly due to​ the​ monitors because the​ cathode ray tube contains four to​ five pounds of​ lead which contaminates our environment very badly. There are also other hazardous materials in​ computers which are not at​ all good for our environment such as​ mercury,​ cadmium,​ hexavalent chromium,​ etc. These materials seems to​ effect our health by causing high blood pressure,​ liver and nerve disease,​ blood with poor iron and even brain damages. Even the​ groundwater near a​ landfill also gets contaminated due to​ these hazardous materials.

Basically for these reasons different Environmental Laws have banned the​ illegal landfills by the​ disposals of​ computer equipments. These Laws says that the​ damaged and waste computers must be sent to​ a​ reputable recycler for better and harmless recycling. the​ process of​ recycling should be done regularly so as​ to​ protect from the​ huge pile up of​ old and waste computers. in​ addition to​ the​ environmental benefits different computer organization are also benefited by the​ recycling process. Different parts of​ the​ waste computer come handy for the​ remanufacturing of​ computers. Even these organizations can use these old computers as​ a​ medium of​ storing backups.

Three better options for disposal of​ old Computers -

It is​ not advisable to​ throw an​ old computer in​ the​ garbage. However,​ the​ disposal of​ computers can be utilized in​ three important phases without violating the​ environmental rules. They are 1) Reuse,​ 2) Recycle and 3) Trade in. By the​ term 'Reuse' it​ is​ meant that the​ computer is​ sold in​ secondary reduced price to​ some office or​ some individual for further use. as​ illegal landfills by the​ disposals of​ waste computer equipments have been banned by the​ Environmental Laws therefore Recycling is​ the​ best option is​ such case. the​ recycling is​ basically done to​ those computers which are extremely old and broken. Lastly the​ Trade in​ option gives us the​ opportunity to​ get our money back or​ even allows us in​ the​ exchange option.

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