Help Finding Information Online

Help Finding Information Online

Help! Finding information online
With so many different ways today to​ find information online, it​ can sometimes be hard to​ know where to​ go to​ first .​
I​ want to​ look at​ the major and most effective ways to​ find information online.

The biggest and most commonly used method is​ to​ use a​ search engine such as​ : Google, Yahoo, or​ Msn .​
All three of​ these search engines offer similar features .​
Text search, Image search, Local search, Product search, are a​ few of​ the services they offer .​
It used to​ be only a​ few years ago where Google dominated the Search Engine market .​
Due largely to​ the fact that their search technology was the most advanced .​
Because of​ the huge investment other companies have put into their search technology, it’s getting harder and harder every day to​ say which one is​ really the best .​
With this in​ mind I​ think it​ comes down more now to​ which company do you prefer or​ which layout you like the most .​
Another method used to​ find information is​ through what is​ called a​ Web Directory .​
Web directories will usually either be relative or​ general:
Relative - a​ relative web directory will contain information and links to​ websites that are all to​ do with one topic .​
An example would be a​ Weight Loss directory that contains only information and links to​ sites that have something to​ do with Weight Loss.
General - a​ general web directory is​ a​ site that will contain links and information to​ do with all types of​ categories .​
It will usually be arranged topically to​ allow ease of​ use in​ finding exactly what you want .​
The biggest and one of​ the most used directories is​, which contains links and information to​ thousands of​ different sites, all arranged into categories.
I would recommend checking out a​ few of​ these sites, and really trying them out for yourself to​ see which one will be suit your needs .​
I’ve found that each site can be used most effectively in​ different situations .​
Happy information finding!

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