Heartgard For Dogs 19

Heartgard For Dogs 19

HeartGard for​ Dogs

It is​ amazing to​ me the​ amount of​ money people will spend on​ their pets . ​
I ​ am a​ pet owner . ​
We have two dogs and​ two cats . ​
the​ dogs are my husband’s the​ cats are mine . ​
it​ costs a​ great deal of​ money to​ keep the​ four of​ them healthy,​ but we consider them part of​ the​ family so we take them to​ the​ veterinarian annually and​ feed them high quality food . ​
Through the​ years we have experienced the​ death of​ animals and​ the​ heart ache that goes with that experience . ​
Because we get so attached to​ our animals we want to​ make sure that we maintain their health . ​

Cats are quite easy to​ maintain . ​
as​ long as​ they have fresh food and​ water each day and​ a​ clean litter box they are happy . ​
They are vaccinated annually during their routine exam . ​
Going to​ the​ vet is​ quite stressful for​ them because they do not like being in​ the​ vehicle or​ their carriers . ​
We do not take them any place else because if​ we are on​ vacation or​ business trip we have neighbors that come in​ to​ feed them . ​

Dogs require more attention as​ well as​ more medications to​ insure their health . ​
Dogs have to​ be given a​ chance to​ go out side or​ get out of​ their kennels on​ a​ regular basis so they do not make messes . ​
They need to​ be exercised because they are confined to​ their kennels . ​
the​ veterinarian bill is​ much higher for​ the​ dogs because they are outside animals and​ require extra protection from disease and​ insects . ​
Heartgard for​ dogs is​ a​ chewable medication that is​ given to​ the​ dogs to​ prevent heartworm . ​
This is​ a​ parasite that gets into the​ muscle of​ a​ dogs heart and​ weakens it​ until the​ dog can no longer function . ​
Heartworm is​ carried by mosquitoes . ​
Our dogs are in​ a​ large kennel next to​ a​ wooded area . ​
There are many mosquitoes from April through October . ​
We start them on​ heartgard for​ dogs at​ the​ beginning of​ April before the​ first mosquitoes hatch and​ continue to​ give it​ to​ them until the​ end of​ November . ​
We live in​ Minnesota so the​ mosquitoes die off during the​ winter months . ​
We use the​ heartgard for​ dogs that is​ given in​ monthly doses . ​
There is​ also an​ option available for​ daily doses . ​
When heartgard for​ dogs came on​ the​ market it​ was only available in​ the​ daily dosage,​ it​ was not always easy to​ remember to​ give them the​ pills . ​
With the​ monthly dosage we have them on​ a​ schedule that on​ the​ first day of​ the​ month they get the​ dose needed to​ keep them safe . ​
it​ is​ an​ expensive medication,​ but their health depends on​ it . ​

Heartgard For Dogs 19

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