Healing Herbs For Rashes And Skin Irritations

Healing Herbs for Rashes and​ Skin Irritations
There have been literally hundreds of​ enquiries this month for herbs to​ cure skin rashes and​ irritations,​ so I ​ thought I’d take a​ moment to​ share some of​ my favorite skin treatments.
First,​ let me remind you that the​ best overall skin care product you can use is​ olive oil. ​
Weather you suffer from dry or​ itchy skin,​ or​ just wish to​ improve the​ appearance and​ texture of​ your skin,​ you would be hard pressed to​ do better than pure,​ extra virgin olive oil. ​
This can be applied straight from the​ bottle,​ and​ can be used on​ any part of​ the​ skin including the​ face. ​

The curative properties of​ Olive Oil,​ both internal and​ external are nothing short of​ miraculous and​ I ​ would like to​ share with you a​ recent experience that serves as​ a​ reminder to​ me how some of​ the​ most common elements surrounding us often remain overlooked.
My neighbor and​ I ​ happen to​ share the​ same birthday. ​
She is​ a​ widow whose children and​ grandchildren often come to​ visit. ​
as​ our birthdays approached,​ I ​ made her up a​ bottle of​ my favorite afterbath oil made primarily with olive oil as​ a​ gift. ​
Unfortunately for my neighbor,​ I ​ ran into her daughter first,​ who had suffered a​ severe exposure to​ Poison Ivy. ​
In all honestly,​ it​ was undoubtedly the​ worst case of​ poison ivy I ​ had ever seen. ​
Her legs were almost completely covered in​ an angry,​ purple rash. ​
In a​ number of​ areas,​ the​ rash was crusting and​ developing a​ greenish tinge. ​
the​ itching was so intense that even after two weeks she was still on​ sleep medication as​ well as​ the​ prescription strength antihistamines and​ ointments.
I gave the​ oil to​ her and​ sincerely hoped it​ would help to​ alleviate her suffering. ​
I’m pleased to​ report that five days later,​ my neighbor called,​ overjoyed. ​
Not only had the​ oil relieved the​ itching,​ but also the​ crusty,​ green scabs were gone and​ the​ huge purple blotches had be​gun​ to​ fade.
The oil I ​ mentioned is​ extremely simple to​ prepare and​ is​ an excellent curative for virtually any skin irritation including eczema and​ psoriasis.
AfterBath Oil
Please remember that while a​ lesser grade of​ olive oil can be used for everyday purposes,​ if ​ you are attempting to​ treat a​ serious skin condition,​ the​ extra virgin is​ made from the​ first press of​ the​ olive and​ retains the​ most important curative properties that you are searching for.
· 3 parts extra virgin olive oil
· 1 part sweet almond oil
· 1 part apricot kernel oil
Blend the​ oils together,​ and​ if ​ desired,​ add several drops of​ your favorite essential oil for fragrance. ​
This can be applied to​ the​ skin at ​ any time. ​
For allover skin conditioning,​ apply the​ oil immediately after your bath or​ shower,​ then pat dry. ​

A special note for women who shave their legs This oil treatment will completely eliminate any itching or​ dry flaking skin after shaving. ​
it​ is​ simply the​ best afterbath oil you will ever try.
Please check back next week when we​ will be discussing herbal treatments for many common irritants such as​ bee stings,​ nettles,​ burns and​ more.

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