Head Lice Treatment Tips

There was some news last week from the​ Center for​ Disease Control that some head lice are becoming harder to​ treat. They have apparently done an​ evolutionary type of​ "change" and​ some seem to​ be adapting to​ specific shampoos used to​ eradicate them. This could be a​ parents worst nightmare. Take heart however, pyrethrin shampoos are still the​ best way to​ get rid of​ head lice.

Head lice seem to​ be very hardy bugs and​ have been around for​ thousands of​ years. They are very contageous if​ your child comes into direct contact with the​ head of​ someome who is​ infected. You can also come into contact with head lice by sharing combs and​ brushes, or​ hats. Head lice can also be picked up from sharing pillows and​ from some upholstered furniture. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ keep any area where the​ person infected with head lice may sit vacuumed before, during, and​ after the​ treatment process.

If your child comes into contact with head lice at​ home it​ is​ very important that you notify his/her school and​ any playmates immediately. if​ your child is​ under two years of​ age it​ is​ best to​ contact your pediatrician for​ head lice treatment advice as​ most pyrethrin shampoos are generally not recommended for​ children under the​ age of​ two.

Using a​ shampoo formulated to​ specifically kill head lice is​ still the​ most effective method of​ eradication. Make sure that you follow the​ directions exactly. Pay close attention to​ the​ thickness and​ length of​ the​ hair of​ the​ infected individual. You may need to​ use more shampoo to​ ensure proper coverage. as​ with treating other types of​ infestations, such as​ fleas, head lice sometimes need to​ be treated twice. Head lice shampoos have some difficulty penetrating the​ head lice eggs which can hatch generally a​ week to​ ten days after the​ first treatment. a​ second shampoo treatment usually kills all the​ freshly hatched head lice. Don't be upset, many times a​ second head lice treatment is​ necessary. the​ use of​ the​ nit comb is​ also an​ important part of​ treatment. the​ nit comb is​ specifically designed with small very close teeth. This nit comb will help you to​ comb out all killed and​ dying head lice from the​ scalp/hair which is​ the​ best way to​ keep an​ eye on the​ progress you are making.

Clothing and​ bedding will also need to​ be washed on a​ daily basis during treatment. Use hot water to​ wash clothing. Any hat or​ scarf or​ clothing item that came into contact with the​ head lice infested individual will need to​ be dry cleaned if​ you can't wash them.

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