Have You Got The Short Term Disability Insurance

Have You Got The Short Term Disability Insurance

Have you​ Got the​ Short Term Disability Insurance?
You are disabled (temporarily though) and you​ don't have much sick leave to​ your credit .​
You have to​ manage the​ day to​ day expenses by drawing from your savings .​
The doctor's bill and expenses on​ medication are mounting!
Months back you​ had passively heard an​ Insurance Inspector explaining to​ a​ group of​ your colleagues about the​ disability insurance proposals and benefits,​ but you​ did not pay much attention to​ it .​
The reality of​ the​ situation is​ before you​ now .​
You are advised bed-rest for a​ minimum period of​ three months; you​ have received multiple fractures on​ your right hand!
Destiny plays its part in​ every suffering that you​ undergo,​ but you​ need to​ have a​ practical approach to​ the​ realities of​ life .​
Normally,​ short term disability insurance program cover you​ for 180 days loss of​ income,​ due to​ injury or​ illness.
When your income source goes abruptly dry,​ you​ understand what it​ is​ .​
The food bills,​ car installment,​ petrol expenses,​ mortgage loan installment and even the​ annual house tax payment are due next month! Due to​ disability your initiative and enthusiasm are hit hard .​
You stand on​ the​ drawing room gallery and stare at​ the​ blank sky.
If you​ have a​ disability insurance cover policy with a​ reputed insurance company,​ they will handle your claim very promptly .​
As soon as​ the​ unfortunate event happens,​ just inform the​ insurance company over the​ phone and they start processing your claim immediately.
The initial telephonic survey takes about ten minutes .​
And you​ are paid the​ amount due within a​ matter of​ days .​
Their monitoring of​ your sickness is​ very helpful .​
They encourage you​ to​ resume duties as​ soon you​ are well even before the​ period of​ the​ expiry of​ the​ policy .​
At the​ same time they pay you​ benefits up to​ 100% of​ your pre-disability income.
When you​ are disabled,​ de-spirited and depressed,​ what you​ appreciate is​ sympathetic understanding of​ your situation and prompt service .​
The leaders in​ this sector of​ insurance are leaders precisely on​ account of​ their sterling performance in​ the​ service sector.
In the​ light of​ the​ above information if​ you​ are inclined to​ take a​ disability insurance policy,​ you​ can get the​ latest and correct information and quotation online .​
It is​ preferable to​ take such information through an​ insurance broker .​
Their small percentage of​ commission far outweighs the​ authentic information they provide to​ you.
Deal with an​ established broker and deal with a​ reputed company .​
Their premiums may be slightly on​ the​ higher side,​ but there are well-founded reasons for that .​
Should the​ unfortunate event happen,​ you​ must get your claim and that you​ must get without any hassles and well in​ time .​
After all,​ this is​ what disability insurance is​ all about!

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