Have You Ever Wondered How The Experienced Internet Marketers Generate
Loads Of Traffic

Have You Ever Wondered How The Experienced Internet Marketers Generate Loads Of Traffic

Here's a​ two pronged approach to​ getting the​ traffic you​ need and​ find out exactly what your customers want.

Why not Combine Surveys and​ Polls With Pay per click. I'm sure you​ already know that surveys are a​ great way to​ finding out what your target market wants. But if​ combined with low cost, quick and​ easy to​ use Google Pay Per Click, surveys can also send lots of​ hungry customers to​ your site every month.

First of​ all you'll need to​ do some key'll need to​ find key't have too many Google Ad's Ad't recommend free survey services, for​ they tend to​ limit the​ number of​ participants, and​ well the​ whole point is​ to​ get as​ many people as​ possible to​ take your survey.

The next step is​ to​ design a​ survey that will appeal to​ your target market.

Next, come up with an​ incentive for​ people to​ take your survey.

Make it​ a​ download, so you​ can capture the​ prospect's email address. and​ make it​ viral. Even a​ simple white paper can be viral. you​ don't necessarily have to​ cram it​ with affiliate links. Just make sure your URL is​ visibly listed on​ every page.

Now put up a​ simple web page that introduces people to​ the​ survey topic, offers the​ incentive, asks for​ an​ email address where you​ can send the​ download link and​ the​ survey results, and​ links to​ the​ survey.

Finally, use at​ least a​ dozen of​ the​ key't have to​ be the​ #1 ad.

You can even be on​ the​ second or​ third page.

The point is​ to​ capture a​ targeted prospect's contact information for​ a​ very small investment.
But there are also some additional serious benefits in​ addition to​ all the​ traffic you'll gain.

First, you'll collect valuable information on​ what your prospects are looking for.

Second, you'll have their permission to​ contact them with the​ survey results and​ the​ download link for​ the​ thank you​ gift.

And third, if​ you​ make that free gift a​ viral report, you'll eventually get more targeted traffic. Nice!

You can do a​ variation of​ this with a​ simple one question poll.

Everything else is​ the​ same, except you'll want to​ come up with an​ intriguing question for​ the​ poll - something that will attract people's curiosity about the​ results and​ get them coming back for​ more.

I hope you​ enjoyed this Article and​ have gained some valuable information from it.

Good luck with the​ future.
Ryan Blake.

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