Harm In Using Skin Care Products

Harm In Using Skin Care Products

Harm in​ Using Skin Care Products
Gone are the​ days when women need to​ find leaves,​ tree barks,​ and​ other natural ingredients so they can use them as​ skin enhancers and​ beauty supplements . ​
Today,​ various skincare treatments and​ products are widely available in​ stores,​ markets,​ spas,​ salons,​ and​ other beauty establishments . ​
With these products and​ treatments,​ it​ is​ then easier for​ women to​ achieve and​ maintain a​ smooth and​ beautiful skin . ​

However,​ not all skincare products are safe and​ effective . ​
Some of​ these products may contain ingredients that are harmful to​ the​ skin . ​
Instead of​ making the​ skin look healthier and​ younger,​ products that contain certain damaging ingredients may even make skin conditions worse . ​

Efficiency of​ beauty and​ skincare products are also not the​ same to​ all users . ​
Hence,​ certain treatments and​ products may either work or​ not work to​ some users . ​
This only means that consumers,​ most especially the​ women,​ need to​ be careful when choosing skin care products . ​

The following are four common ingredients found in​ skincare products and​ their negative sideeffects on​ the​ skin
1 . ​
Artificial colorings
Moisturizing products that contain artificial colorings pose harmful effects to​ the​ body . ​
Artificial colorings may cause cancer when regularly applied on​ the​ skin . ​
Aside from being carcinogenic,​ some coaltar colored skincare products also contain metal impurities such as​ lead and​ arsenic . ​

These facts on​ artificial colorings in​ moisturizing skin care products should be carefully considered by consumers . ​
Remember that the​ skin is​ constantly exposed to​ such artificial colorings since regular application of​ moisturizer on​ the​ skin is​ a​ common regimen of​ most people . ​

2 . ​
Untested skincare products
Almost all manufacturers of​ cosmetic and​ skincare products have the​ means to​ use any raw material as​ ingredients for​ their products even without the​ permission of​ agencies in​ charge of​ regulating cosmetics and​ beauty products . ​
Since manufacturers have control over product testing,​ they can distribute and​ market skincare and​ cosmetic products to​ worldwide markets that may possibly contain ingredients that are harmful to​ health . ​

With this,​ consumers should keep in​ mind such alarming fact on​ skin care products that contain harmful ingredients . ​
Remember that the​ skin absorbs the​ ingredients of​ the​ skin products when applied on​ the​ skin . ​
Hence,​ harmful ingredients like carcinogens are absorbed by the​ skin,​ causing irritation and​ blister . ​

3 . ​
Fragrance is​ also one of​ the​ common ingredients found in​ untested skincare and​ cosmetic products . ​
Such ingredient can cause reproductive complication,​ liver damage,​ and​ birth defects in​ laboratory animals . ​
When applied on​ the​ skin,​ fragrance can cause allergic reactions . ​
as​ such,​ experts recommend the​ use of​ fragrancefree skincare products to​ avoid allergies and​ irritation . ​

4 . ​
Most people think that skincare products containing SPF are best protection of​ the​ skin for​ the​ harmful rays of​ the​ sun . ​
What they don’t know is​ that some sunscreens have adverse side effects to​ the​ body . ​
Yes,​ SPF chemicals protect the​ skin from the​ surface . ​
But once absorbed,​ these may bring damaging effects to​ the​ body . ​

5 . ​
Glycols are derived from hydrocarbons . ​
These are among the​ ingredients commonly found in​ moisturizers and​ are used as​ cosmetics solvents . ​
Overexposure to​ glycol can lead to​ serious complications in​ a​ woman’s reproductive system and​ contact dermatitis . ​

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