Hangover Helpers Surviving The Morning After

Hangover Helpers Surviving The Morning After

It's the​ morning after, and​ if​ that glass on your nightstand is​ half empty, you may be even worse off than you thought.

While there are enough hangover remedies to​ make your head spin, most only address a​ small portion of​ the​ problem: dehydration.

Hangovers are actually caused by a​ complex chain of​ chemical reactions that occur in​ the​ body after drinking alcohol, which results in​ not only the​ loss of​ fluids but also sodium and​ potassium. the​ effects of​ a​ hangover include nausea, weakness, dizziness and​ sleeplessness.

If you have had one too many, here are a​ few of​ the​ most popular hangover remedies and​ how they can help:

* Water: It's the​ first step toward combating dehydration.

* Coffee: Coffee won't sober you up, but the​ caffeine will wake you up and​ help that headache. But it​ can also increase dehydration and​ make your stomach feel worse, so if​ you choose coffee as​ your cure, drink plenty of​ water.

* Eggs: the​ protein in​ eggs helps provide energy. They also contain cysteine, a​ nutrient that is​ thought to​ help rid the​ body of​ toxins.

* Energy drinks: Energy drinks can replenish lost nutrients and​ rehydrate your body. But one product, Hair of​ the​ Dog, goes beyond the​ typical energy drink because it​ also contains detoxifiers that target the​ liver. Hair of​ the​ Dog contains natural stimulants to​ get your metabolism going, 1,000 milligrams of​ vitamin C, as​ well as​ B vitamins.

* Gingerroot: Gingerroot tea can settle your upset stomach.

* Hot soup: Soup soothes the​ stomach and​ helps with rehydration.

* Bananas: Bananas are rich in​ magnesium and​ potassium, which are depleted during heavy drinking.

* Honey: Honey will increase your blood sugar levels.

* Tomato juice: Since tomato juice contains salt, it​ helps the​ body retain fluids. in​ fact, any fruit or​ vegetable juice will rehydrate your body and​ replenish it​ with vitamins and​ other nutrients.

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