Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 Review
Halo 3 is​ the newly released Microsoft Xbox 360 video game that has the network of​ gamers on the internet all abuzz .​
Halo 3 is​ a​ first-person shooter developed by Bungie Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360 .​
It is​ the final game in​ the Halo trilogy that has followed protagonist Master Chief's enduring efforts to​ save the world .​
Halo 3 is​ generally expected to​ be the top-selling game of​ the year for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, the only machine on which the game can be run .​
Halo 3 is​ the final chapter of​ the video game that has been vital to​ sales of​ Microsoft's Xbox .​
Many who love it​ feel that Halo 3 is​ the best Halo that has ever been made; others feel that Halo 3 can be fantastically exciting when played against other gamers since it​ has well-designed multiplayer scenarios stocked with exotic weapons and riddled with passageways .​
Still others feel that Halo 3 is​ challenging in​ single-player mode, where all of​ the bad guys and some of​ the good are computer-controlled .​
Halo 3 is​ the first game in​ the series to​ feature custom soundtracks, allowing players to​ replace in-game music with their own choices .​
Halo 3 is​ unique in​ that almost anyone can easily pick up and play .​
It is​ the last game in​ this trilogy .​
Rumor has it​ that there are two new Halo games in​ development, one from filmmaker Peter Jackson, whose Halo film is​ on hold.
Critics of​ Halo 3
Like most products, Halo 3 has its critics .​
Some say that Halo 3 is​ just Halo 2 with somewhat better graphics .​
Others feel it​ has not lived up to​ the hype and that Halo 3 is​ far from the most beautiful game ever, but it​ is​ definitely better than Halo 2 in​ significant ways .​
More specifically, Halo 3 HDTV players are finding that there is​ a​ lot of​ wasted space in​ the left- and right-hand margins of​ their screens.
Halo 3 Premise and Profit
Halo 3 picks up shortly after Halo 2 ends, depositing you as​ Master Chief on Earth in​ the midst of​ a​ full-scale Covenant invasion .​
The game Halo 3 is​ set in​ the year 2553 where a​ bitter struggle between humanity and a​ collective of​ alien races known as​ the Covenant is​ rife .​
Halo 3 follows super-soldier Master Chief as​ he battles for humankind against alien species Covenant and Flood .​
Halo 3 has the production standards of​ a​ Hollywood blockbuster and is​ expected to​ generate multiplex-style profits .​
Halo 3 is​ well on its way to​ becoming a​ top-selling game, and retailers pushed more than $170 million in​ copies on its very first day .​
Halo 3 is​ also expected to​ drive users toward the company's Xbox Live web service.
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