Haiti Casinos

Haiti Casinos

Haiti is​ situated in​ the​ Caribbean sharing the​ island of​ Hispaniola with the​ Dominican Republic. Haiti also constitutes other smaller islands such as​ Les Cayemites,​ Ile de Anacaona,​ La Gonave,​ La Tourtue or​ Tortuga,​ and the​ uninhabited island of​ Navasse,​ shared with the​ US. There are only two Haiti casinos available for your gambling pleasures,​ and both are situated in​ the​ capital city of​ Port au Prince.

Both Haiti casinos,​ El Rancho Hotel & Casino as​ well as​ Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino,​ are hotels as​ the​ name implies. the​ El Rancho Hotel & Casino is​ open daily between 5 pm and 3 am and offers 13 table games,​ out of​ which blackjack occupies nine tables,​ poker is​ played at​ two tables,​ and roulette is​ practiced at​ two tables. Fifty slot machines are also part of​ the​ casino for the​ guests' entertainment. in​ its complex,​ the​ El Rancho Hotel & Casino provides 95 rooms and suites,​ two restaurants,​ a​ piano bar,​ a​ discothèque,​ spa and health club center with a​ swimming pool,​ and a​ tennis court,​ as​ well.

The other Haiti casino,​ the​ Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino,​ is​ open between 9 pm until the​ last guest in​ the​ house leaves. With an​ area of​ 500 square feet made available for just the​ gambling facilities,​ it​ offers six table games divided as​ follows: for blackjack three tables,​ for Caribbean stud poker one table,​ and for roulette two tables,​ as​ well as​ 35 slot machines.

The Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino provides 85 rooms and suites,​ one restaurant,​ a​ bar,​ swimming pool,​ and a​ tennis court,​ as​ well. Both Haiti casinos are extremely hospitable,​ welcoming tourists from all over the​ world,​ as​ well as​ the​ local residents.

The legal gambling age in​ Haiti casinos is​ 18 years and above,​ and the​ same applies for drinking alcoholic beverages. it​ is​ advisable for you to​ carry recent photo identification in​ order to​ have access to​ the​ casinos for gambling purposes. the​ official languages spoken in​ the​ Haiti islands are French and Haitian; Spanish is​ widely spoken,​ even though it​ is​ not an​ official language. English can usually be found in​ tourist-populated places such as​ casinos,​ restaurants,​ hotels,​ bars,​ and shopping areas.

Haiti is​ an​ enchanting destination,​ with a​ lot of​ personality and charm,​ which will make you forget about the​ everyday things in​ life,​ as​ you travel and experience a​ world of​ simplicity and adventure.

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