Hair Growth Vitamins And Minerals

Hair Growth Vitamins And Minerals

Hair growth vitamins and​ minerals
There is​ some evidence from a​ few small studies that the​ western diet has changed significantly in​ the​ last 20 years and​ there are certain vitamin and​ mineral deficiencies likely to​ be found in​ a​ typical American diet . ​

There are nutrients and​ herbs that have the​ potential to​ affect hair growth in​ a​ positive or​ negative way . ​

There are three basic ways that nutritional diet vitamin supplements and​ amino acid supplements may act influence the​ hair follicles . ​
the​ mineral rich and​ vitamin supplements may act directly on​ hair stimulating or​ inhibiting growth activity or​ they may act indirectly through other intermediaries . ​
for​ example,​ a​ vitamin supplement or​ herb may influence the​ production of​ a​ hormone to​ which hair follicles are sensitive . ​
This change in​ hormone activity in​ turn may change the​ activity of​ the​ hair follicles . ​

Some minerals and​ vitamins can influence the​ activity levels of​ another vitamin and​ minerals . ​
for​ example,​ intake of​ lysine,​ vitamin B12 and​ vitamin C help in​ absorption of​ other factors like iron . ​
it​ is​ worth bearing in​ mind that the​ complexity of​ the​ body means there are many potential interactions for​ even the​ simplest nutrient . ​

Vitamins for​ hair & hair growth
Since Vitamin C,​ helps the​ absorption of​ other factors,​ it​ is​ of​ some significance . ​
Others are of​ secondary importance to​ hair growth like vitamin E . ​
Vitamin E is​ necessary to​ provide good blood circulation to​ the​ scalp by increasing the​ uptake of​ oxygen . ​
Not fundamentally required in​ a​ hair growth supplement,​ vitamin E is​ often present largely because people expect to​ see it​ in​ the​ ingredients and​ the​ customer is​ always right!
Other common ingredients like the​ amino acids LCysteine and​ Lmethioine are of​ questionable value . ​
Although they are fundamentally required for​ good hair growth,​ even a​ rather unhealthy diet should provide enough of​ these amino acids and​ supplementation is​ rarely required . ​

Vitamin supplements’ vitamins
The supplement industry is​ worth several billion dollars a​ year and​ it​ is​ still growing rapidly . ​
Vitamin supplements,​ mineral supplements and​ herbal supplements available on​ net come in​ all shapes and​ forms,​ many of​ which are specifically advertised to​ promote healthy hair growth . ​

These ‘vitamin supplements’ vitamins are marketed by different names such as​ liquid vitamin supplements,​ natural vitamin supplements,​ daily vitamin supplements,​ nutritional vitamin supplements and​ also by such names as​ mail order vitamin supplements or​ best vitamins supplements . ​

But the​ for​ the​ most part,​ with a​ few notable exceptions like vitamin a​ & Folic acid,​ taking these supplements probably does not harm hair growth . ​
But whether they can really help promote hair growth depends on​ what the​ actual cause of​ the​ hair loss is​ and​ how the​ supplements or​ active ingredients in​ herbs interact with the​ hair follicles . ​

Vitamin and​ herbal supplements
To buy online health supplements or​ herbal treatment requires you​ to​ go for​ quality . ​
Unfortunately there is​ no universal method by which quality supplements can be identified . ​
So it​ is​ best to​ depend upon the​ natural vitamins supplements or​ fresh foods . ​

Typically,​ vitamins and​ minerals are most concentrated in​ fresh foods,​ the​ older the​ food is,​ and​ the​ more processed it​ is,​ the​ less nutritious it​ is​ . ​
So in​ principle,​ the​ average diet of​ the​ early twenty first century may be more deficient in​ certain nutrients required for​ healthy hair growth compared to​ the​ average diet of​ the​ mid to​ late twentieth century,​ but it​ should be emphasized that vitamin and​ mineral deficiency is​ still rarely a​ cause of​ hair loss . ​

Hair loss vitamins & minerals
In other words,​ do not waste your time on​ searching for​ vitamin supplements on​ net unless you​ have a​ deficiency detected by a​ blood test . ​
a​ comprehensive test for​ vitamin and​ mineral levels when one or​ more is​ suspected as​ a​ cause of​ hair loss would include; serum iron,​ serum ferritin,​ and​ total iron binding capacity,​ serum zinc . ​
the​ deficiency which directly affects hair growth can be related to​ vitamin H biotin,​ Vitamin B6 and​ Vitamin B12 . ​
you​ can go for​ testing for​ others if​ they are on​ offer,​ but biotin and​ B6 testing is​ enough to​ cover 95% of​ vitamin deficiencies related to​ hair loss . ​
and​ only when such a​ deficiency is​ detected by the​ tests that you​ need to​ buy and​ eat the​ ‘vitamin supplements’ vitamins . ​
So the​ bottom line is​ that it​ is​ better to​ have the​ natural supplements through a​ balanced diet . ​

Hair Growth Vitamins And Minerals

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