Hair And Nail Vitamins

Hair And Nail Vitamins

Hair and​ Nail Vitamins
Hair and​ nails are very good indicators of​ the​ general health condition of​ the​ body . ​
Any kind of​ illness or​ stress is​ reflected through the​ skin,​ hair and​ fingernails . ​
Hair and​ nails show symptoms such as​ brittleness,​ thinning,​ breaking,​ and​ splitting when neglected or​ when the​ body goes through extreme pressure conditions . ​
Even when the​ body is​ deficient in​ essential nutrients,​ the​ hair and​ fingernails shows the​ signs . ​

Nutrition is​ very important for​ the​ body . ​
Even though hair and​ fingernails are just dead cells,​ they are an​ important indicator of​ the​ general well being of​ a​ person . ​
Nutrition for​ the​ body is​ derived from the​ food we​ take . ​
When the​ body does not receive the​ essential nutrients,​ or​ if​ it​ loses the​ ability to​ absorb nutrients from the​ food it​ receives,​ it​ causes the​ body to​ use up internal resources . ​
This causes weakness in​ the​ body parts and​ is​ reflected in​ the​ skin,​ hair and​ fingernails . ​
in​ order to​ have healthy hair and​ finger nails,​ it​ is​ very important to​ consume food that contains some major vitamins like vitamin a​ produces healthy sebum in​ the​ scalp,​ vitamin C antioxidant,​ vitamin E improves scalp circulation,​ Biotin produces Keratin,​ Inositol keeps hair follicles healthy,​ Niacin promotes scalp circulation and​ pantothenic acid,​ ParaAminobenzoic Acid,​ vitamin B6 and​ vitamin B12 that prevent graying and​ hair loss . ​
of​ these,​ vitamin E is​ found to​ have a​ significant influence on​ the​ health of​ not just hair but also skin and​ fingernails . ​

Most vitamins are derived from food . ​
the​ most common foodbased sources of​ vitamins are citrus fruits,​ green vegetables,​ fruits like pineapple,​ strawberries,​ kiwi,​ potatoes,​ green peppers,​ cheese,​ vegetable oils,​ soybean,​ raw seeds,​ dried beans,​ wheat germ oil,​ brewer’s yeast,​ whole grains,​ eggs,​ liver,​ rice,​ milk,​ fish,​ turkey,​ chicken and​ red meat . ​
Other nutrients required by the​ body are proteins and​ minerals like iron,​ calcium,​ zinc,​ magnesium and​ essential fatty acids . ​

There are several products in​ the​ market today that act as​ essential vitamins for​ hair and​ nails . ​
These are in​ the​ form of​ oils,​ shampoos,​ gels,​ sprays,​ lotions and​ creams . ​
These are generally prescribed by specialists but some are also available over the​ counter . ​
However,​ it​ is​ better to​ consult a​ specialist before using these products . ​
There are also hundreds of​ websites that provide information about these products . ​
They can also be ordered online . ​

Hair And Nail Vitamins

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