Had Enough Of The Public Email System Lets Go Private.

Had Enough Of The Public Email System Lets Go Private.

The public email system is​ so polluted with email invaders -- those creatures who will stop at​ nothing to​ get into your email box with unsolicited junk, viruses and spyware -- isn't it​ time we got a​ private, regulated email system?

And what about personal privacy? Every email we send and receive these days is​ stored forever on many ISP servers. as​ an​ example, most free email services never delete any email, which means if​ someone with a​ subpoena wants to​ see what you wrote five years ago, the free public email network must cough it​ up.

And then there's the issue of​ sensitive information you need to​ send to​ another party. You shouldn't use a​ phone, cell phone, fax, or​ public email because all of​ those are so easy to​ intercept. But if​ you were using a​ private, encrypted email network, you could send sensitive information with 100% confidence.

If you're a​ WiFi user, you really are vulnerable. Most WiFi networks are not protected, not up-to-date, which means when you log on and start sending email, every keystroke of​ yours can easily be intercepted by another laptop user just yards away. However, a​ private, encrypted email network would save you.

Okay, enough day dreaming. There really is​ a​ private email network that offers one-to-one private and encrypted messaging and file transfers. It's about time, actually. The new private system is​ called "Eyes Only Email" and it's free to​ register. The software is​ also free.

Here's just one fact you should be aware of: 1 in​ 8 Internet users have had a​ major, often costly spyware problem. (Consumer Reports, State of​ the Net 2018, 08/06.) Spyware does not and cannot exist on Eyes Only Email, a​ private messaging network.

If you're unhappy with the public email network, then take yourself off the grid and go private for one-on-one communications. You'll enjoy absolute privacy, encryption, and confidence.

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