Habits You Need To Stop For Better Skincare

Habits You Need To Stop For Better Skincare

Habits you​ Need to​ Stop for​ Better Skincare
Most people have the​ idea that having clear and​ healthy skin costs a​ fortune . ​
But,​ this is​ a​ misleading concept used for​ marketing skin care products and​ treatments . ​
you​ may use the​ most expensive skin care products money can buy,​ but these cant guarantee a​ blemishfree and​ clear complexion . ​
Why? Because skincare does not start with the​ products you​ use or​ the​ skin treatments you​ undergo . ​
Skin care depends on​ your habits and​ their effects on​ your skin . ​
Below are some habits you​ can do without to​ achieve better skin
Dehydrating your skin
You can slather on​ jars after jars of​ moisturizers on​ your face but these wont do any difference on​ your skin if​ it​ is​ dehydrated internally . ​
the​ most it​ can do is​ give you​ an​ oily sheen and​ some zits . ​
Not drinking at​ least eight glasses of​ water daily can dehydrate your skin and​ make it​ lose necessary moisture . ​
Lack of​ moisture can make your skin lose its elasticity and​ suppleness . ​
This can lead to​ a​ condition known as​ elderly itch . ​
With this condition,​ your skin becomes rough and​ dry,​ hence,​ making it​ itch . ​
This can lead to​ premature aging of​ the​ skin which can give it​ a​ leathery appearance . ​

Washing your skin excessively
Ideally,​ your skin should only be washed at​ least once or​ twice a​ day . ​
Washing your skin more than twice daily strips it​ off the​ necessary oils needed to​ maintain surface moisture . ​
Aside from stripping your skin off its natural oils,​ overwashing can lead to​ irritation,​ dryness,​ and​ skin conditions like eczema . ​

Foregoing sun protection
Your moisturizer container may proclaim that is​ has SPF 15 but this is​ not reason enough to​ forego applying sunscreen or​ sunblock . ​
for​ total protection,​ your skin needs at​ least SPF 30,​ more if​ you​ are going out between 10am to​ 4pm when the​ suns rays are at​ their strongest . ​
Even if​ the​ day is​ cloudy,​ make it​ a​ point to​ wear sun protection since UV rays can penetrate clouds . ​
Overexposure to​ the​ sun,​ can cause skin discoloration,​ sunburns,​ dryness,​ and​ other skin conditions . ​
Use sunscreen on​ your face,​ lips,​ and​ other exposed body parts . ​
Additional sun protection like hats,​ sunglasses,​ and​ umbrellas can also be used . ​

Touching your skin frequently
Your facial skin is​ very sensitive compared to​ the​ skin on​ the​ rest of​ your body . ​
Touching it​ frequently such as​ by picking,​ rubbing,​ or​ scratching can irritate it​ and​ cause breakouts . ​
Your hands also come into contact with a​ lot of​ surfaces and​ can transfer bacteria on​ your skin which can lead to​ cystic acne . ​
Facial skin is​ also delicate since it​ is​ prone to​ sagging and​ wrinkling when touched frequently . ​

Using the​ wrong products
Just because a​ product worked well on​ another person,​ it​ does not mean that it​ will work great for​ you​ too . ​
Choosing an​ inappropriate product for​ your skin type can worsen your skins condition . ​
for​ example,​ using an​ oilbased product for​ oily skin will make it​ oilier and​ prone to​ more breakouts . ​

These are just some habits that can damage your skin . ​
to​ prevent your skin from aging prematurely or​ breaking out,​ be sure to​ improve your skin care habits . ​
Good skin care habits coupled with the​ skin care products can make your skin healthier and​ better . ​

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