H F L Team E Mail Time Saver Or Time Waster

Studies have shown that the average person receives about 40 e-mails a​ day. I know mine are at​ least twice that amount.

When you are running your home-based business time management is​ important. Often you are the CEO and clerk. You do it​ all.

One of​ the most important tools and time waster in​ your business is​ e-mail.
We all need it​ we all use it. The trick is​ to​ keep e-mail from over running your time.

What to​ do?

I have set up different e-mail accounts for different needs. I have one that is​ only for non-business related items. This e-mail address is​ the one that I give friends and family members to​ use. I know what they send me is​ not going to​ be time sensitive. I f something important happens or​ needs immediate attention they will call on the phone.

I also have an​ e-mail account for work related items. This one I use for an​ overall catchall for my business. I will also set up special e-mail account for specific projects that I'm working on. That way I know what they are responding to​ and for. What reason. I have an​ account that I use when I respond to​ special offers or​ e-newsletters. This way I keep e-mail separated and more manageable.

Use "Preferences" to​ manage each account.

Now put technology to​ work for you. Go into the "preferences" or​ "set-up" for each account. And apply the "junk-mail" settings and other filters that will help cut down on unnecessary e-mail. Check out all the tools, many can make managing your account easer. One more trick is​ to​ turn off any audio notification that you have new mail. it​ is​ just a​ distraction that will make you want to​ check it​ now.

Time management for e-mail.

One way I make the best of​ my time is​ to​ devote specific times and amounts of​ time to​ read and respond to​ e-mails.

I divide the workday into three times to​ address my e-mail. I will check it​ first in​ the morning when I start my day.

Then midday and then at​ the end of​ my workday, I will look at​ it​ again.

I devote fifteen minutes to​ a​ half hour to​ each time. I stay on schedule; if​ I don't it​ will just through off my other tasks that need to​ be done.

My 3 "Ds" to​ decision making.

Delete it: You know within three seconds if​ you need to​ respond to​ e-mail. Don't linger over it​ Delete It.

Do it​ now: if​ you need to​ respond to​ it, do it​ right away. Don't wait that just puts the work off and you may not get back to​ it​ until it's too late.

Defer it: if​ the task takes to​ long to​ address it​ right away defer it. a​ good way is​ to​ use a​ folder within your e-mail account. You must remember to​ schedule time to​ address that folder.

Managing your work time is​ an​ important tool in​ living your Hundred-Fold-Life.

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