Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Review
Where do I​ start with this review? Guitar Tricks is​ the oldest video guitar lessons website on the net, online since 1998, when it​ took over an​ hour to​ download anything of​ size .​
Long-time guitarist Jon Broderick started the site struggling to​ find accurate tabs and good information about playing guitar.
Today Guitar Tricks is​ the mecca of​ guitar lesson sites with over 3,000 video lessons for $10.95 a​ month .​
The lessons are taught by absolute experts, professionals who put food on the table by playing guitar .​
I​ find the techniques and tricks they teach to​ be unique and rare.
You don't find the same old, This is​ how to​ play the Am Pentatonic Scale, this is​ how to​ play the C chord.. .​
at​ Guitar Tricks .​
You find this with the absolute beginner material, but what impresses me with the site is​ that it's so diverse in​ skill level (beginner to​ expert), and you can browse lessons based on both genre (so diverse there's even Surf) and influences such as​ Eddie Van Halen for instance.
I have a​ drawer full of​ DVDs by all of​ the top pros like Frank Gambale, John Petrucci, and Michael Angelo Batio .​
All of​ which cost me roughly $500 .​
Jon Broderick's site has videos that show you how to​ play the same sort of​ techniques I​ paid out the rear for .​
Valuable doesn't quite describe the site, more like invaluable.
I learn more in​ one day with the website than I​ used to​ in​ a​ month .​
The navigation is​ very fluent .​
The lessons are dense with great material.
But there are some downsides .​
While Guitar Tricks may be literally 10 times cheaper than even taking private lessons and great for progressing quickly, some of​ the older videos have bad lighting and not the greatest sound quality .​
For instance, there's a​ killer 8 to​ 10 video tapping lesson I'd like to​ tackle, but it​ must have been uploaded on the site carelessly near the beginning of​ the site .​
That said, there are tabs along with the videos that aren't booming with visual quality, so it's not too big of​ an​ issue.
Another downside we have is​ that there's not a​ private teacher correcting your technique every step of​ the way .​
Sites like JamPlay have less valuable content in​ my opinion, but may be better for the beginner because there's literally a​ staff of​ guitar teachers who can work with you one-on-one online .​
For the better guitarists, intermediates and advanced, there's no topping Guitar Tricks.
What makes Guitar Tricks so special for the advanced player, I​ think, is​ that they're are lessons that will take you to​ expert levels unlike any other site I've used .​
You can learn exact techniques that are used by heroes like Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, and Jimi Hendrix .​
That was all I​ needed to​ know before I​ became part of​ the site.
In comparison to​ YouTube videos, you can take all day filtering out the crummy videos taught by average guitarists in​ their bedrooms or​ you can use GT .​
For those of​ us who don't have but an​ hour a​ day to​ practice anymore, you surf one great lesson after another .​
It's remarkable what you learn in​ just one day.
That was my inside scoop and review of​ the site .​
Even with the couple negatives, I​ give it​ two thumbs up no doubt.

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