Guidelines In Buying In Online Classifieds

Guidelines In Buying In Online Classifieds

Check the website

Take to​ consider the website’s reputation in​ finding a​ good online classified. Check the website if​ many people use this website as​ a​ way to​ buy and sell their products. Good basis would be: they can publish new advertisements everyday, they are information rich website, they can publish images of​ the product, the website has a​ high page rank, has a​ forum, etc.

Item seller

Look for some testimonial that a​ person has a​ good reputation. it​ can also help you to​ have a​ background of​ the person that will sell the product. Try to​ gather some information about the item seller to​ see whether if​ he or​ she is​ a​ scammer or​ not.

Look for the quality of​ the items

Gather information for the product that you want to​ buy. Learn to​ ask from others’ opinion and weigh it, so you will not regret later on. Gather information about the product by asking the item seller if​ it​ has a​ scratch, damage and defect.

Check the item price

Don't forget to​ make a​ canvass if​ the price is​ too high or​ not. Check other websites to​ determine if​ the product is​ worth your money. Please be aware of​ hidden charges. Make sure you do not overpay.

How old the product is

It is​ better to​ know what is​ new and what is​ old. Make sure that the product is​ durable. Also you must be able to​ distinguish if​ the package has been repacked or​ repaired. Maybe if​ it​ is​ too old, it​ will easily get broken.

Ask for a​ warranty

A personal warranty is​ a​ good thing to​ have. But it​ all depends on the seller if​ he or​ she gives a​ warranty. Try to​ settle a​ return agreement or​ a​ new item replacement if​ you have any problem with the product. if​ possible, ask for a​ money back guarantee.


Make things clear between both of​ you, especially when regarding transactions. if​ it​ is​ to​ be delivered, don’t approve to​ deliver it​ in​ your house without you receiving it. Make sure you have the time to​ accept the package yourself. This allows you check the quality of​ the product. Check the quality by carefully looking at​ all the aspects of​ the product like parts, damages etc. Make sure that you buy an​ authentic item and not a​ fake one. if​ you don’t like their service, let them know what the problem is. These will help them enhance their service.

If you both agreed to​ meet at​ a​ certain place, the item seller usually is​ the one who goes to​ the buyer’s place. if​ both of​ you will meet at​ a​ certain place, be sure that you will able to​ test the product before you buy it, by this you will able to​ know if​ it​ is​ defective or​ not.
It is​ a​ great idea if​ you are accompanied by a​ knowledgeable person.

Raymond M. Crisostomo

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